The 1st Doctrine


Almighty Allah, His Holy Presence and Characteristics


He is one; He has no partners, whatsoever. He is Unique in His words and deeds. He is the Creator of all creatures. He is alone in His presence and kind. None is like Him [He is possessor of Singularity in His characteristics], with respect to number or quantity, or quality. In fact no partners can be associated with His presence.

He is the Creator of all material and non-material things and even all actions and deeds of creatures are directed by Him and are under His control.

His actions are not governed by the principle of cause and reason nor are they subject to any purpose or motive because He does not need anything whatsoever in the form of any benefit for Himself.

He is Omnipotent and capable to do anything which He wills [intends].

He does not need any instruments or tool to perform His actions. He is needless of any body or organs such as brain for thinking, eyes for seeing, and ears for hearing. He hears everything, which is spoken in the lowest possible voice, He is competent to see and feel extremely microscopic things without any visual aid. His presence is free from the body or material existence.

He is near [Nearest than the Dorsal Aorta] by means of his superb Omnipotence and supreme Knowledge and exalted Mercy. This nearness is not subject to measurement of distance.

He is King [The King of Kings of what is there in the skies and the earth and what is between them, rather the entire Universe]. He does not need any helper for the performance of His deeds. He is the Absolute Ruler, Master of everything. He is competent to do whatever He likes or intends.

He does not need the services of any adviser. He is all Powerful and Owner of all countries and their governments He is not accountable or answerable to anybody in respect of His actions, possessions, ownership, government etc. His rule is absolute and everlasting.

Life and Word, Hearing and Sight, Determination and Power and also knowledge are the personal characteristics of Allah. In addition to this "Causing to be" and Creation and Providence are attributes of Allah (such as giving death, enriching, making poor, fashioning the Universe and developing every thing gradually, step by step up to its final stage of completion in accordance with the laws of Nature and providing them according to their state food and providence or needs of livelihood are Allah’s attributes). There are attributes which are concerned with creatures and these are called additional attributes or attributes of performances. These attributes have to be considered as subsidiary to the "Cause to be" and Creation and the negative characteristics, which "can not be" and "can never be", for example, He is not ignorant, He is not humble, powerless and incompetent. He is not united with any thing like ice which can become one with water when it melts. In short, in His personal attributes, additional attributes and for the absence of Negative attributes, He is Unique from the very Beginning to Eternity.

As His ancient Person or self exists from the very Beginning and shall exist forever, likewise His attributes are also ancient, ever existing and eternal. Every thing save His Person and His attributes is incidental and mortal, for it did not exist in the Beginning. Everything except Him is brought into existence by Him. Therefore Beware! That anybody who claims that the attributes of Allah are creation or incidents is in fact gone astray-strayed to the maximum extent (to be called infidel).

His person and His attributes are free from all defects and shortcomings firstly as well as lastly.

When He is the Collection of all the exalted attributes and He is the Most Skilled in all sciences and best qualities then it is absolutely impossible that any defect, fault or imperfection may exist in Him. Even unskilled and harmless things may not exist in His Person. He is free from any example of His kind or any opposite, or image or resemblance, or like state (condition) or magnitude. His self is free from the limitation of Time (He is Omnipresent, and Omnipotent).

When it is the Fundamental faith that the Person of Allah is Ancient, existing from the very Beginning and Eternal then all His attributes are likewise existing from the Beginning to Eternity and it has to be believed that His self is free from all incidents or locations in which movement from one place to the other is involved. Further His attributes should be regarded to be invariable and free from any change or alteration. It is impossible that His characteristics in anyway be resembled into the characteristics of His creations. So believe firmly that His Person is free from all incidents and needs which are essential for the human beings (or any other creatures). He does not have a father nor He is possessor of son. He is not of the same kind or of same species of any other existence. He is not congenial or fellow-creature of anyone. He is ancient and Self-Existing, not born like the creatures. He is Matchless and None can be compared with Him. None is His equal or alike. He is free from any example, likeness and Image. He is celebrated due to His quality of being a Preserver and on account of His Divinity. His exalted-self is free from any comparison with other persons. Similarly, His attributes are free comparison with the qualities of others. His every skill is supreme and His every attribute is superb. Any creature irrespective of its highest position can not be a partner in anyway to His authority of Person.

It is obligatory on every Muslim that he should believe that "There is no deity except Allah and that He is One, Needless and there is no partner unto Him." This is true in respect of His Person as well as His attributes. Nothing is like Him or of His species (either His good names or in His commandments, or His actions). Is there any other name for Him or He accepts assistance of anyone in His work or anybody else beside Him is the Creator? Absolutely not. None is His partner in His kingdom/sovereignty.

As His Person is not resembled in any other persons, His attributes are also not resembled in any of His Creatures.

In some cases when the names A’alim [Knower Hakeem (Wise)], Haleem (Clement), Kareem (Kind), Sami (Listener) and Baseer (Seer) are used in respect of some other persons then these are worldly coincidences and it is not the defacto partnership in the attributes of Allah. There is no resemblance between their actual meanings. For example the knowledge and authority of Holy People may just have a worldly resemblance with the knowledge and authority of (Divine Power) of Allah but it does not mean that there is any kind of partnership in His knowledge or Power and of the said Holy People. His mysterious Privacy has no approach whatsoever. No bird can flap its wing or enter its abode without His knowledge or power He is possessor of all greatness and Pride. He is the possessor of the most supreme exalted status and honor among all existences inclusive of the class of angels, Jinns, human beings, and any other creatures. None is free from His supplication all are needy of His grace and bounty and in their expression and discourse they are affirmers of their humble and low status and are in fact beggars in His presence for their wants and needs. They stretch their needy hands begging His bounty and grace. All the creatures on the earth and the skies beg for their needs and desires from His Merciful Presence. All the existing things in fact owe their existence to Him because everything on the earth or on the skies or whatever is between them is mortal and He and He alone is Everlasting and Eternal.

His existence is singular as Hai (Alive) and Qayyum (Self-Subsisting). He is singular in His Presence in the capacity of Hai (Alive) and Qayyum (Self-Subsisting) being Azli (Existing since the very Beginning) and being Abadi (Eternal). All other existences are credence’s and reliance’s. In case we believe in them then only we can claim to exist otherwise not. All the existing particles and atoms have a kind of unknown relation or attribute. Accordingly we become aware of the selves/persons such as "I" "We" "He", "She" "It" and "They" and comprehend the concepts of "is existing" "was existing" etc. If we annul the unknown relation between all Existing things and Allah as aforesaid then the statement saying, "is existing" becomes "Is not existing", similarly, "was existing" will mean "was not existing". Thus the existence of all will be logically converted into non-existence. It is just an image or reflection of the rays of His luminous Existence that every particle of this Universe conspicuously displays its splendor manifestly before our sights, and every particle of this world thus presents before us the luster of His Omnipotence and complete authority.

If we ignore the above said unknown relation between all the particles of this Universe and His real and Holy Existence even for a while then all the Universe will seem to be a dismal and distressed dream, exists, or a desolate waste or unpopulated land wherein nothing exists. So in the context of existences there is only One Existence that is of His True Person and the rest of the things exist as an image of His Divine Existence. In the order of Universe He is the luminous sun and all the worlds are His mirrors. If this bountiful relation is abandoned, then the entire Universe will be confronted with total and instantaneous ruin. In fact many images of His Divine light have assumed different names. The Person of Allah is Real One. There can be no change or variance in His Divine Person. However according to the number of appearances His different forms have many, many names and they have countless effects. The light of His Unity has unlimited brilliance and splendor and in front of this brilliance both the eyes of the body and the eye of wisdom are blind and in addition to it this can not be explained in words or perceived by human wisdom.

He is not such a singular or Unique existence which has been constituted by adding components thereby forming a single object, or He is not a Unique thing which can be resulted into its components or parts like the man or any single being which in made up of flesh, skin, blood and bones or any other organs and regarded to be a unique compounded thing which can be resolved into components of which it is made or constituted. This is the specialty of every being but the Person of Allah is free from any body or body components.

His Divine person is neither descended in any other body nor any other person is transmigrated in Him or attached to Him. Otherwise (Let Allah Forbid it) He would have come down from the peak of Oneness to the lower status of duality or partnership. It is He; none exists except Him. "He is Subhan (Hollowed) and Exalted from what they associate (unto Him)." This bountiful verse repudiates the association to His Divinity and elucidates that none is partner in his Divinity, Godhead and Providence. "It is He Who is deity in the sky and deity in the earth". Thus He is Allah of the dwellers of the heaven and the residents of the earth. Leave apart partnership in the Godhead and Providence, none can claim a share into His skillful attributes, "None is like Him". This verse also denies any association with His Existence. Thus His Person is free and His attributes are free from any kind of association. He is exempted from all those non-sense things, which the polytheists and ignorant attribute unto Him. The Truth lies in the fact that He deserves His existence and all others are His shadows and images. From the term "Unique Existence" the possible meaning and explanation, which can be conceived by us, is that, His Existence is One and His Presence is also One and all other existing things are His spectacles and mirrors of His Existence and that they do not possess any original existence of their own. Beware! And again Beware! That I, and thou, we and you, this and that, can never be Allah. This is in fact a false belief of the "Ahlelttehad" [Family of Union], which is a sect of infidels. The first doctrine of Our religion is Towheed "Oneness of Allah" or "Unitarianism" which is believed by all the followers of Islam and the Owners of the True Faith.


 Blessed be Mustafa, Mercy for mankind,

    Allah's light, the right way to find.


 Blessed be the highest of the high,

    the brightest star of Prophecy's sky