The 2nd Doctrine

The Most Aala (Exalted) and the Most Awla (Highest)

In addition to the fact that His Bountiful Person is free from comparison with other persons and His supreme attributes are exempted from any kind of likeness with the attributes of the others, It is He, Who by virtue of His perfect wisdom inclusive of His Mercy invented (created) the Universe (Except Himself) according to His ancient knowledge possessed by Him since Azal (the very Beginning). He conferred the robe of honor of existence to the Universe, and created His bondmen and provided them, ears, eyes, hands, legs, and tongues etc. and inspired them about the ways to use them, then bestowed upon them the highest standard of a noble essence called wisdom. 


This wisdom made the humans superior to the animals in their rank and status. Further there are lacks of such matters which could not be perceived or encompassed by the wisdom of the human beings so He raised the prophets among them and revealed the scripts and explained each and every minute thing to them so that no room was left for the human to offer any lame excuse whatsoever. He divided the mukallafins (The elaborators) into two sects who could carefully execute the religious laws and were capable to be addressed by commands and prohibitions. They possessed matured senses and wisdom. One of the sects consists of owners of the paradise who accepted the truths and the other sect consisted of the owners of Hell who had shirked or hesitated to accept the truth.

Paying due regard to the benefits availed (from the image of His Divine Existence) by the Owners of Paradise they are bestowed upon a special share out of His skillful attributes. The doors of prosperity and welfare are also opened for them in this world and also in Hereafter. They are given the special knowledge and bounty. He taught us what we could not learn in schools and Darul-uloom (Educational Institutions) "He taught the human being what he did not know". "And it was the great favor of Allah on you". Allah rewarded man with various kinds of favors and adored him with innumerable graces and bounties. He ornamented and fashioned the heart and spirit body and soul, the outer self and the Inner self of man with good moral qualities and attributes. He purified humans from vices and sinful conducts. Thus He guided mankind to follow the path, which leads to a position near to His Presence. 

All these things were the propitiatory offerings or sacrifices for the welfare of the people on behalf of a most auspicious and blessed person. Allah has selected him as His most special beloved and bestowed upon him the supreme amiability. The pleasure and approval of Allah is sought by all the creatures and even by His prophets and His messengers and also by His close angels. Allah has made him the center of the cause of creation saying "be done" (command of Allah for creating anything) He is adorned him and dressed him with high ranking robes of honor so that all the members of the Universe are bound to rest under his shade of Protection by seizing his bountiful skirt. All intimate favorites of Allah until they establish a conjunction with this holy source and make him their mediator and supporter in the Presence of Allah they can not have an approach unto Him.

Allah has kept the keys of all the treasures of knowledge and authority, counseling and disposal in his holy hand. He made all the dignified persons like pieces of moon or bright stars among all other people so that the dignified persons receive divine light from him and fill the skirts of their garments with the light of discernment and cognizance. They should not dare to utter words of ego or of personal prestige in his presence because Allah has bestowed on his person such reverences and honor and has elevated his eminence to such a height that even the height of the thousands of Divine thrones have became lower to him. The greatness of other people grew extinct before him and has in fact disappeared in the infinite vastness, as a shilling, which is thrown in the endless wilderness, is lost. Allah rewarded him with such a vast and abundant knowledge that the proven and the latest sciences have proved to be the droplets of such canals which are taken out of the ocean of his personal knowledge. Allah showed him all the Earth from East to West, and the Universe from the throne down to the land Surface.

Allah has made him a witness of the angels of skies and the earth and also a seer of details from the first day until the last day; as to what existed therein and what would exist in them in future. He provided all information to him both visible and invisible consisting the detail starting from the very Beginning of the Universe up to Eternity (Except what He will) only Allah knows as to how much infinite and endless knowledge He gave to him. This knowledge knows no bounds and has no limits. Only Allah and His beloved know the full details about the vastness of such delegated knowledge. Allah gave His beloved such supreme power of sight that it encompassed all the six directions (say, front and back, right and left, and up and down). All the events of Universe seemed to be happening in his presence instantaneously from the beginning of Universe up to the Day of Resurrection as if he watched them in his palm. 

He watched all the future events of the world, which would occur till the last day. As a token of the authority of Allah and one evidence of the dignity and honor of His prophet this gift of abundant knowledge should be deemed to be abnormal or excessive. The hearing faculty of His beloved was so powerful that he could hear clearly any sound produced at a distance of five hundred years walk (of hundreds of light years). So far as his authority is concerned, it will not be exaggeration to tell that it happened to be pattern or mirror of His divine authority. The orders of His beloved are complied with in both the Upper and the Lower worlds. Allah pays regard to his opinion while operating His absolute rule of creative authority. If he utters "Qum" (stand up) then by the Will of Allah dead become alive, If he points at the moon it splits into two, what he wills the same is the will of Allah and Allah’s will is his will.

The mandate of absolute caliphate and its command has been read in his name and his coin was minted and his sermon has been promulgated throughout the Lower world soaring up to the Upper world. Thus he is the absolute deputy and Caliph of Allah and all the world is under his command and disposal. He is competent to do as per his will and pleasure to give anything to any body or to fetch back any thing from any one. None can avert his command and how can one dare to do so when his command is as good as the command of Allah? All the world is under his rule and he is the master of the people. One who does not regard him as his master he is deprived from the relish of his sunnat, tradition of Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam). 

The angels of the skies and the earth are under his control. All the land is his property and all the paradise is his estate. Whatever is given to anybody in the world and hereafter is given to him right from the throne of his ambiguous court. The keys of paradise and Hell are given to him. The provision and welfare and all other rewards are distributed through the media of his court. The world and the Hereafter constitute parts of his gifts and rewards. So besides all the gifts of Allah all the bounties of the world and Hereafter of body and soul, big or small are rewarded through his rewarding agency by virtue of his generosity, his mediation and his medium. What Allah rewards is in fact given by his hand and it shall continue to be given like that for ever till eternity. Through his sacred hand are bestowed on us all the favor of religion and millat (belief/faith), Islam and his tradition, counsel and worship, abstinence and cleanliness, knowledge and cognizance. In short all the worldly bounties are received through him. In the same manner all wealth and fortune, cure and health, honor and elevation, offspring’s, and luxuries and all otherworldly bounties are given through the agency of his sacred hands.

So said Alahazrat Raza,

"Without his medium Allah’s bounty of any kind
  Impossible absolutely, wishful thought of blind".

He is the absolute ruler and all except Allah are his subjects and except him there is no other rule in the world. His orders are promulgated to be complied with by the angels of the skies and the earth and the creatures of Allah are bound to follow and obey him. He is of Allah and whatever belongs to Allah is his belonging

I shall call you master, you’re sweet heart of Master For
there’s no "mine and yours" between beloved and lover.

All heads are therefore bowed before him and all needy hands are stretched in front of him. All are needy of him and he in his turn is needy of Allah. He is the right heir of the Divine court and the entire world is provided livelihood through his agency. The Holy Quran is a scripture of praise and applause for him and at every place his name is mentioned along with the name of Allah.

For thee We’ve elevated thy remembrance
Made thy mention superb and high thy reference.

All the laws of religion, and the commands and prohibitions are within his competence and all of them are entrusted to him. So he is capable to issue any orders according to his sweet will and pleasure and his commands are laws of religion so he can declare anything lawful for anybody and pronounce anything unlawful for anyone whom he wills. He can even exempt anybody from any religious obligation or duty. In fact he is the embodiment of the religious laws. In short he is in charge and absolute authority of the Divine Organization of Allah and all the rulers/monarchs of the world are beggars and needy in his presence. And do you know Who is he?

He is Syed-ul-Mursaleen (Chief of the messengers/prophets, the guide of the guides).

He is Khatim-ul-Nabi-een (The last of the Prophets).

He is Rahmatul-lil-Aalameen (The Blessing of the Worlds).

He is Shafi-ul-Muzne’been (Intercessor of Sinners).

He is Quaid-ul-Muhajjeleen (Guide of the shining blondes).

He is Sirillah-hil-Makhzoon (The secret of the Allah the Almighty).

He is Dur-illah-hil-Maknoon (The pearl of Allah, precious and hidden).

He is Suroor-ul-Qalbil-Mahzoon (The support or Condolence of the broken heart).

He is A’lime "ma-kana, wa ma yakun" (Aware of all the past and the future) and He is Tajul atqia (The Crown of the man of virtues and righteous deeds).

He is Nabi-ul-Amadia (The chief and leader of the prophets).

He is Muhammad-Al-Mustafa (Muhammad the selected one).

He is Rasul-e-Rab-bil-A’alameen (The prophet of the Raiser of the worlds).


[Allah sends His greeting unto him and his family and his friends and blessings

and safety until the Day of Resurrection]

Even though he possesses all these supreme attributes still, "he is the bondmen and needy of Allah" and as Allah says: "What is in the sky and the earth beg Him." One should never under any circumstances think, dream or doubt that in any way he [The Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) is like and resembled in the Person, Existence or Attributes of Allah in any way for it is a thought of infidelity (polytheism and disbelief)]. However all the skill and qualities, which could be perceived or conceived by human mind, were acquired by him and no other living creature or human being can dare to claim equality with him either in his rank or his status. He never tried to go ahead or to step forward from the limits of bondmanship and the basic needs. So how can one think or imagine of his having a resemblance with Allah or stage a comparison between him and the Person and Attributes of Allah? The men of faith can never even think or dream of such likeness or resemblance.

In fact the Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) could not fully offer thanks for all the bounties and favors bestowed upon him by Allah, because every act of thanks is rewarded by another favor and this becomes an infinite series of thanks giving and grant of bounties. The bounties and favors of Allah on the Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) are innumerable and not at all countable. Allah said: "O’ Prophet no doubt every coming moment for you will be better from the past moment and thus hour by hour your rank and prosperity shall be elevated".

The Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) acquired the rank of "Qaaba Qausain" (Two cubits length from Allah even less than that). It is such a destination, which could not be reached by anybody so far, nor it can be reached in future. The Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) said: "on the night of Ascension my Rab (Raiser) dragged me so near that a two cubits or less than two cubits distance remained between us".

It was just a distance for the name’s sake.

"Oh false points of possibility, confused in First and Last!
Ask where it came from and rushed away so fast?"

He saw His Person with human eye and heard Him without medium, fully awoke and from very near. None of the prophets or the near angels could ever reach so near to Him. The litter of Laila (beloved) covering billions of destinations which can not be perceived and which were beyond comprehension witnessed the new sceneries and novel colors. Sense of understanding was lost in the vastness and power of sight was narrowed. In nearness he felt remoteness and in farness he sensed proximity and the feeling of separation seemed to be relish of Union or Conjunction. It was a destination where wisdom and conscience had attained their summit and could not understand anything further. No guessing and imagination work could bear fruit and they were afraid to be led astray.

"There was neither the trance of "when and where", or a mark of "here and there". "There were in fact no stages milestones, no way-farer’s company to share".

The secret, which was concealed by Allah then, how could it be understood, and how could one dare to go ahead to ponder on it. It was, as if a pearl floating, covered under a shell, which was unaware of the moisture. O ye ignorant people, leave its knowledge to its Possessor and pass through this difficult plain with safety for the horse eloquence is caught by reins to narrate the heights attained by the Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho Alaihe Wasallam) and to explain about his rank and proximity with Him. However it can be mentioned that he is boss of all creatures and a bondman of Creator, His worship is infidelity, but worship of Allah without paying respect to him is incredulous and worthless. Faith is the name of his love and Paying tributes to his greatness and the act of paying respect to him is preferable to every obligation after faith. And a Muslim is he, whose duty is to mention without fail his name always with the name of Allah.

[Greetings unto him, his family and his companions forever]


Blessed be Mustafa, Mercy for mankind,

    Allah's light, the right way to find.


 Blessed be the highest of the high,

    the brightest star of Prophecy's sky