An Appeal to Faithful Lovers

The spirit of generosity builds a Pathway to Almighty Allah, for it is an expression towards a wider horizon. It is not necessary that the spending of money always show the spirit of generosity. Generosity is an attitude and shows in every little action that we do for people whom we come into contact with in our everyday life. A person might not have a single coin to his name, and yet he can be generous and noble. Life in the world offers every opportunity, whatever be his position in life, to show his spirit of generosity.


  Spiritual purpose of charity

  Help the Rifai Khanqah


To run such a vast non-profit organization with branches worldwide and to be of service requires financial support from disciples and well-wishers. If you would like to make a charitable contribution or include the Sunni Razvi Society in your Zakat, Lillah, Sadaqah, we gratefully accept all donations. We therefore invite you to forward your contributions to the best of your financial standing. Donations will be channeled accordingly to the following:


  Consolidated Fund Urs, religious activities, building, publishing, Crisis Relief

  Sajada Nishan's and Travel Fund

  Web Maintenance Fund


Your contribution in money or kind will bring to you immensely rewards, accruing from various religious  and spiritual activities which take place regularly at the Sunni Razvi Society, such as: the weekly Halqe Zikr, monthly Gyarahween Shareef, urs Qadiri Razvi, urs Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him), urs Kwaja Moinuddeen Chishti (may Allah be well pleased with him), etc and the weekly and monthly Langar (free distribution of food).

Please address all your contributions [Cheques (checks), money, postal orders] to:

Sunni Razvi Society International

28 Bis Sir Edgar Laurent Street

PO Box ES 17

Republic of Mauritius

Tel: +230-2403596


For our International followers the following is our bank and wire information if you wish to transfer the money directly into our account. 


Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

Sir William Newton Street

Port Louis

Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 202 5000

Fax: (230) 2087054

Swift Code: MCBLMUMU

Account Number: 010258507

Your family, your progeny and future generations will benefit from your gracious sacrificial attitude. In the name of Islam, we thank you in anticipation for your generosity. May Almighty Allah shower His Mercy and Blessings on all Those who contribute to propagate His Religion.