Projects at a Glance

                           "Come in to Learn go out to Serve"                                  

Shaikh Sayyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote that if someone wishes for success, he must become a piece of ground under the feet of the Sufi Shaikhs, as they are the one's who have abandoned this world and creatures, even their own selves. Our Master also said, If you are among the People of Allah, serve them, accompany them, sit in their presence, draw near to them, make your money available for their use and follow them by emulating their deeds, not by repeating, applauding and expressing your astonishment at their words. 

When one is given an opportunity to serve one must be grateful for such a privilege and must take advantage of it, because we are not always given such opportunities. Our Pir-i-Tariqat has always stressed 'action', and real action has to be right in the moment, right in the moment of need. Because action follows knowledge, knowledge is the journey and action is the proof. Service comes about first with awareness and respect. The Path and Work needs us and with conscious intention, our duty and responsibility is to be in attendance to serve our Pir-i-Tariqat, Almighty Allah [Exalted is He] and the Saints of Islam.

His Eminence related an event, which took place during the student days of Nizamuddeen Auliya (may Allah be pleased with him). The latter was asked by his spiritual master, Hazrat Shaikh Fariduddeen Ganj-i-Shakar (may Allah be pleased with him) to go and purchase some sweets. When Nizamuddeen Auliya (may Allah be pleased with him) reached the sweets shop, he was asked to wait as the shopkeeper was going to have a glimpse of Hazrat Shaikh Najmuddeen Kubra (may Allah be pleased with him), a most revered Sufi Saint, who had made a public announcement that whosoever shall look at him shall enter paradise. Nizamuddeen Auliya (may Allah be pleased with him) waited and waited and when the shopkeeper returned, he purchased the sweets and went back to his spiritual master. When asked about his lateness, he related the incident and finally added that his duty was to be in attendance at the feet of his spiritual master whom he preferred to paradise.

Some of our pending projects are:

1. We are collecting all our Pir-i-Murshid's discourses which have been recorded on audio tapes/cassettes and the project has already begun by translating the Urdu discourses into English. The aim is to publish a book. Murids or well-wishers who have audio recordings of our Pir-i-Tariqat are kindly asked to make copies of the original and send the copy to us.


2. A photo journal of His Eminence is underway by the team in Manchester, UK.



Please indicate how you can be of service to the Tariqat for Almighty Allah's sake and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) by e-mailing us at