Arabic Translation 


of the




The Arabic text of the Shajarah Mubaraka must be recited once every day after the morning Fajr prayers. Follow it up with:


7 x Durood Ghausia

1 x Sura Fateha

1 x Ayatul Qursi      [Allahu laa ilaaha illa Huu al-Hayyul Qayyum...]

7 x Surah Ikhlas       [Qul-huwallahu Ahad...]

3 x Durood Ghausia  [Allahumma salle Alla Sayyidena....]


The following is Durood Ghausia:


"Allahumma salle Alaa Sayyedena wa Maulana Muhammadin Ma'danil Joodi wal karami wa 

 aalihi wa baarik was sallim"

At the end pray to Almighty Allah [Exalted is He] so that the merits (sawaab) be distributed to all the Holy souls of the Spiritual Leaders (Mashaikh) of the Silsila Alia Qadiria Barkatia Razvia Hamidia Mustafavia Ibrahimia and to our beloved Master, the noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be Upon Him. If our Spiritual Leader (Murshid) is alive, pray for his health and longetivity; otherwise include his blessed name in the Fateha as well.

Virtues of reciting one's Shajarah 


The genealogy of Sufi spiritual descent [Shajarah/Shijra] and reciting the names of the Masters of the Qadiri Order is to create a conduit for baraka and links the murids (disciples) of the Silsila [chain linking an individual to his or her Sufi master ultimately to the Prophet; those with similar chains or silsilas belonged to the same Sufi tariqa] to the spiritual power of the Friends of Allah. With a spirit of humility and respect we call upon these great Saints who attained unity with the Source. It is possible to establish a connection [rabita], so that the effectual grace (baraka), of these enlightened Saints can flow to us. Such a connection and conduit can be attained through Love and intention, through cultivating an inner dialogue and resonance with these Friends of Allah.


Some of the virtues are mentioned below:


Memorizing the chain of Sufi Saints (Awliya) up to the beloved Master, our noble Prophet 

   Muhammad (Peace and blessings be  Upon Him).

The Halqa Zikr and Remembrance of Saints (Awliya) is the means of receiving Almighty Allah's 

   [Invincible and Exalted is He] Rahmah (Mercy).

Performing the Esaale Sawaab for all the Spiritual Masters which is a cause of receiving their 

   spiritual guidance.

When the Murid remembers them in times of ease, the Saints (Awliya) of the Tariqat will 

   remember him/her in times of hardship and will also be of assistance to them.