Visiting Sacred Tombs [Shrines]


When visiting the Mazaaraat of the Auliya-e-Kiraam, what should be the method of reading Fateha, and what items (Ayaats of the Quraan) are to be recited in this Fateha? Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (May Allah be pleased with him) gave the following response:

When one enters the Holy Shrines [Mazaar - literally 'place for a visit (ziyara), the tomb of a Saint] of Auliya-e-Kiraam, one should do so from the foot end [i.e. the feet side of the Sufi Saint (Wali)], and as far as possible one should maintain one's presence at a distance of four hand lengths (from the foot end). Thereafter, in a moderate voice, one should announce Salaams in the following way: "As Salaamu Alaikum! Ya Sayyidi! Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakaatuhu." Then, the following should be recited:

                    1.      Durood-e-Ghausiya - thrice

                    2.      Sura Fateha - once

                    3.      Ayatul Kursi - once

                    4.      Sura Ikhlas - seven times

                    5.      Durood Ghausiya - seven times

If time permits, Surah Yaseen and Surah Mulk may also be recited before supplication (making Dua) to Almighty Allah in the following manner, "Oh! Allah! In lieu of what I have just recited, grant me that volume of reward (Sawaab) which is worthy of Your generosity, and not that amount which is worth of my actions, and deliver from me to Your chosen servant (i.e. The Wali in whose Mazaar one is present) the every same reward."

Thereafter, one should supplicate (make Dua) to Almighty Allah for any request which is permissible by Shariat, by pleading with Almighty Allah that He grants acceptance of the Dua with the mediation (Waseela) of the Holy Soul of the Wali. In the same manner as before, one should announce the Salaam and return.

[Courtesy: Imam Ahmad Raza Academy - Durban, South Africa]