Spiritual Connection

One of the most important aspects of Tasawwuf, which His Eminence uses to permeate to his disciples, is constant contact and love (muhabat) , or 'Tassawur-e-Shaikh' with one's Pir (Shaikh). Continuous practice of 'Tassawur-e-Shaikh' leads one to build a firm contact with ones Spiritual Guide which would prevent the disciple from doing wrong and get help in times of adversity. Like seeing a policeman at the time of committing an offence would deter one from doing the crime, in the same way, by continuously being aware of your Pir's spiritual presence, externally and internally, the disciple is prevented from committing a sin.

  Bonding with the Sufi Master

  Your Master in your Thoughts

Always try and picture your Pir whenever you are alone and do so with total love, sincerity and respect. Imagine that you are seated in the front of your Pir and that the both of you are present in the Noble court of our beloved Master, Sayyiduna Muhammad (Peace and blessings be Upon him). Then imagine that the rays of light (Nur) is descending upon the heart of your Pir, and from his heart it is being transferred to your heart. If you continue in this manner, you will be freed from all your worldly concerns and you will become spiritually elevated.

The Murid must strive to achieve the status of "Fana-Fish Sheikh" or immersing oneself into the Shaikh. Imam Ahmed Raza Qadiri (radi Allahu anhu) has explained the way to achieve this. He said: "The Murid must imagine the Murshid in front of him and place his heart below the Murshid’s heart. He must imagine that Faiz (grace) and Barakah (blessing) is flowing from Nabi (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) into the Murshid’s heart and then flowing into his own heart. After a while he will see his Sheikh’s image everywhere. It will not disappear; even at the times of Salaah the Murid will always find the Sheikh with him". [Malfuzat Alahazrat]

The following passage which Dr. Reynold A. Nicholson [The Mystics of Islam] have slightly modified, gives a fair summary of the ‘hypnotic’ process through which a dervish attains union with Almighty Allah [Exalted is He]:

"The disciple must, mystically always bear his Murshid [spiritual director] in mind, and become mentally absorbed in him through a constant meditation and contemplation of him. The teacher must be his shield against all evil thoughts. The spirit of the teacher follows him in all his efforts, and accompanies him wherever he may be, quite like a guardian spirit. To such a degree is this carried that he [disciple] sees the Murshid in all men and in all things, just as a willing subject is under the influence of a magnetizer. This condition is called 'self-annihilation' in the Murshid or Shaikh. The latter finds, in his own visionary dreams, the degree which the disciple has reached, and whether or not his spirit has become bound to his own.

"At this stage the Murshid passes him on over to the spiritual influence of the long-deceased Pir or original founder of the Sufi Order, and he sees the latter only by the spiritual aid of the Murshid. This is called 'self-annihilation' in the Pir. He now becomes so much a part of the Pir as to possess all his spiritual powers.

"The third grade leads him [disciple], also through the spiritual aid of the Murshid, up to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) himself, whom he now sees in all things. This state is called 'self-annihilation' in the Prophet.

"The fourth degree leads him even to Almighty Allah [Exalted is He]. The disciple becomes united with the Deity and sees Him [Exalted and Invisible is He] in all things."