Eid-ul-Fitr in Mauritius

Eid was celebrated at the Sunni Razvi EidGah at Valley Pitot in Mauritius on 28th December 2000. Brother Abdur Rahman, a Qari was specifically sent from Pakistan by our Pir-i-Tariqat, Hazrat Maulana Ibrahim Khushtar to perform taraweeh, Khutba, Salaatul-Eid and many other functions. Photos also show ‘Salaam’ by Asfar, the late Maulana Ayub Razvi’s son (brother of Hz. Maulana Khushtar). Many murids (disciples) and well-wishers were sad because His Eminence was not with them during this Ramadaan as he normally spends his Eid in Mauritius.

Maulana Abdul Hamid Razvi - Khateeb

Qari Abdul Rahman pronouncing Khutba

Salaam by Asfar, Hz Maulana Ayub's son

humble fakirs embrace Eid 2000

Two "Qari's" for Taraweeeh Prayers

Maulana Hafiz Qari Abdul Rahman of Pakistan and Hafiz Qari Idris Muhammad of South Africa led the Taraweeh prayers (year 2000) at the Sunni Razvi Academy and the Qadiri Razvi Central Mosque.

Maulana Abdul Rahman was educated at the Jamia Ghausia Razvia of Rawdpindi, Pakistan and has been teaching for the past 8 years in the same madrassa. He came to Mauritius for Taraweeh prayers, on the advice of His Eminence, Hz. Maulana Ibrahim Khushtar.

Hafiz Qari Idris Muhammad hails from Durban, South Africa where he received his Islamic education and came to Mauritius for Taraweeh prayers, following the request of his intimate friend, Hafiz Azfar Razvi, son of the late beloved Maulana Ayub Razvi Qadiri.