Hadaaiq-e-BakshishThe Gardens of Bliss (Volume 2) is a collection of poems and quatrains, translated into English, from Hadaaiq-e-Bakhshish, the anthology of poetry written by Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him). The poems, which deal for the most part with the qualities of the beloved Prophet, often have a simplicity and directness that give us additional insight into Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) as a believer.


  Sword of Love

  Urdu Poems

  Blessed be Mustafa

  Ghaus-e Azam


Prof. Ghiyasuddin Qureshi's review of the great Imams collection of poems to condition the lovers of religious poetry before they journey into the realms of sheer ecstasy, unbounded love and undying reverence:

"Hadaaiq-e-Bakhshish consists of two volumes. The first volume consists of 103 pages and there are 80 poems of varying lengths in it. The second volume consists 94 pages and there are 28 long and short poems in it. The spontaneous quality of his spiritual poetry is extremely charming. The range of his vocabulary includes all 4 languages, namely Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Hindi. There is, however one poem in volume one of ten couplets, in which every couplet is written in these 4 languages with immaculate dexterity in four equal parts. Artistically and linguistically it is a rare accomplishment. The greatest quality of this poem is that despite this diversity of languages in this poem the unity of theme is superb by any standard of poetic evaluation."

May Almighty Allah shower his choicest blessings on Prof. Ghiyasuddin Qureshi and members of his family for his dedication and sacrifice for the cause of Islam.


Love and its pangs are enough to live by;

These is enough emotional food in a lovesick hearts cry.

If you need a religious poet as your guide;

"Hassan ibn Thabits footprint in enough," say I.


The first volume consisted of 25 poems from this anthology and was published by the Society and received such an overwhelming response from around the globe, that it necessitated the publishing of more of this great Sufi's poems. Prof. Ghiyasuddin Qureshi has, brilliantly captured the overwhelming love for the beloved Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon Him) that exist in the poems, in the English translations.

It would be a great injustice if we did not extend our heartfelt gratitude to another great poet, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Khushtar Siddiqui Qadiri Razvi, through whose untiring efforts not only this, but hundreds of other books published by the Sunni Razvi Society would never have reached the English speaking world.