Qadiriyya Halqa Zikr

According to Sayyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him) over and above anything 'you' do, the material being in you must follow the straight Path and this is only possible through preserving the principles and teaching of religion. To do this one has to be conscious, to remember Almighty Allah, night and day, inwardly and outwardly, continuously. For those seekers who see the Truth, to remember Almighty Allah is an obligation, as Allah orders:


"Remember Allah standing and sitting and lying down", Sura Nisa, 103


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Hazrat Pir-Nur, Sayiddina Ghaus-ul-Azam (radi Allahu anhu), states: "If a person in distress or hardships calls out to me, his hardship will be eradicated. If a person uses my name as his Wasila (medium) and pleads to Allah, his need will be fulfilled."

Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote that Hazrat Shah Wali'ullah (radi Allahu anhu), records a method for achieving and fulfilling one's needs and wishes in his book, "Al intibah fi Salasil-e-Awliya". He states: "One should first perform two Rakaats of Nafil Salaah. After completion he should recite the following - 111 times Durood Shareef, 111 times Kalima Tamjeed and 111 times "Shay an Lillah, Ya Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani."

From this book, it has been proven that all the great Luminaries (to be mentioned), believed in the proclamation of "Shay an Lillah" as being a valid and a great solution to many unsolved problems. They also gave permission to their students and disciples to proclaim it, without any hesitation.