Hazrat Maulana  

Muhammad Hamid Raza Khan Qadiri 


Birth:    Rabi-ul-Awwal


1296 [1879] Death of Grand Murshid Sayyid Ale Rasul (birth 1209 AH)

1279 [1880] Death of grandfather (Maulana Naqi Ali Khan)

1300 [1883] Beginning if education and training

1302 [1885] Death of maternal grandfather Shaikh Muhammad Fazal Hussain in Rampur.

1310 [1892] Birth of Maulana Hasnain Raza Khan (cousin) [death 1401 AH - 1981 AD]

1310 [1892] Birth of younger brother Maulana Muhammad Mustapha Raza Khan 

                    (death 1402 AH - 1981 AD)

1311 [1894] Completion of education

1312 [1895] Incipience of giving verdict on religious matters conferred

1313 [1898] Started the verification on the books of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan

1315 [1898] First literary work (As Saremur-Rabbani) against the Qadiani movement

1318 [1900] Participation in Darbare Haq wa Hedayat conference, Azeemabad, Patna

1318 [1900] First journey of Pukhraira, Distt. Muzaffarpur Bilhar, under the deputation 

                    of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan

1323 [1905] Hajj pilgrimage and visit to sacred places in Makka and Madina

1323 [1905] Discussion on the unlawful condition of Rami in Mina before noon with Maulana 

                    Sayyid Ismail  Makki, librarian of Haram Shareef in the presence of Alahazrat

1323 [1905] Introduction and re-writing of Ad-daulatul Makkiya (a very famous book of Imam 

                    Ahmad Raza Khan)

1324 [1906] Introduction of Kilful Faqeehil Fahim, a unique book concerning currency

                    notes and lawful ways of making profit

1324 [1906] Introduction on Ijazatul Matiena

1324 [1906] Shaikh Abdul Qadir Taranblasi's flow of words impeded in Madina in the 

                    presence of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan

1324 [1906] Death of Shah Abul Hussain Ahamd Noori (Murshid) [birth 1255 AH - 1839  AD]

1325 [1907] Birth of first son Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Raza Khan – Jilani 

                    Mian (death 1385 AH - 1965 AD)

1326 [1908] Death of Maulana Hassan Raza Khan Bareilvi (uncle) [birth 1274 AH - 1858 AD]

1326 [1908] Management and establishment of Darul Uloom Manzare Islam in Bareilly

1333 [1915] Final permission of awarding religious verdicts

1334 [1916] Birth of second son Maulana Hammad Raza Khan – No'mani Mian 

                    (death 1375 AH - 1956AD)

1334 [1916] Leading of funeral prayers of Muhaddith Soorti, Maulana Wasi Ahmad 

                    (birth 1252AH - 1836  AD)

1337 [1919] Discourse in Japalpur Eig-Gah

1337 [1919] Participation in awarding ceremony in honor of Mualana Muhammad Burhan-ul 

                    Haq and completing the latter’s turban, a symbol of his final religious education

1339 [1921] Requesting Abul Kalam Azad to ask for pardon at the meeting of 

                    Jamiatul  Ulama Bareilly

1339 [1921] Leading Eid prayers in Bareilly Eid-Gah at the time of Khilafat movement

1340 [1921] Leading of funeral prayers of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (his father)

1340 [1921] Ceremony of Spiritual robe "Khilafat" and successor ship

1342 [1923] Counter-attack against Shuddhi movement

1343 [1925] Comprehensive speech as the President of the Reception Committee of 

                    the All India Sunni Conference, Muradabad

1344 [1926] Participation in opening ceremony of Darul Uloom Hazbul Ahnaf, Lahore

1344 [1926] First meeting with Maulana Sardar Ahmad in Lahore

1344 [1926] Final awarding ceremony in honor of eldest son and announcement 

                    of successor ship

1344 [1926] Presiding at the Bareilly function against the Najdi movement

1344 [1926] Welcomed by Maulana Abdul Bari of Firangi Mahal in Lucknow

1345 [1927] Laying of foundation stone of Khanqah Qadiria Nooria Razvia, Bareilly Shareef

1347 [1928] Marriage of eldest son

1352 [1934] Meeting with Allama Iqbal in Lahore

1352 [1934] Welcomed by Darul Uloom Ashrafia Misbahul Uloom, Mubarakpur

1352 [1934] Birth of grandson Maulana Rehan Raza Khan (death 1405 AH – 1985 AD)

1354 [1935] Participation in the procession on the occasion of Masjid Shaheed Ganj Day 

                    in Lahore

1357 [1938] Beginning of construction of Khanqah Qadiria Nooria Razvia in Bareilly Shareef

1357 [1938] Conference certificate for meritorious Spiritual title of Khilafat to eldest 

                    grandson, Maulana Rehan Raza Khan Rehmani Mian 

1361 [1942] Journey to Udaipur, Maarwaar and beginning of illness

1362 [1943] Demise

1365 [1946] Condolence note by Maulana Syed Muhammad Muhaddith Aazam Kachhauchhvi

                    in Muradabad at the All India Sunni Conference

1372 [1952] Death of Maulana Shah Abdus Salaam Japalpuri (classmate) 

                    [birth 1281 AH – 1866AD]