Followers of Ghaus-ul-Azam 

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with Him) was once asked: "What view would you take of a man who called himself a Qadiri, though without receiving instruction from you, and without wearing a tattered robe (khirqa) conferred by you? Would he actually be counted as one of your companions?"

To this the Shaikh replied: "If someone adopts my name [by calling himself a Qadiri], or otherwise professes his affiliation to me, Almighty Allah [Exalted is He] will accept him, even if he happens to be on a reprehensible (in the wrong) course, for he is a member of the troop of my companions."

"Shaikh Abdul Qadir (may Allah be pleased with him) also said: "For any Muslim who steps across the threshold of my schoolhouse door, the torment of the Day of Resurrection [Yawm al-Qiyama] will be alleviated (eased)."

We owe the report to the 3 Shaikhs Abu Saud Abdullah, Muhammad al-Awani, and Umar al-Barraz (may Allah be pleased with them all):

"Our Master Shaikh Abdul Qadir has guaranteed to his pupils, until the Day of Resurrection [Yawm al-Qiyama], that not a single one of them will die without being in a state of repentance. He has also given the assurance that his pupils, and his pupils’ pupils through seven stages of succession, will enter the Garden of Paradise. He said: "I am a surety for my pupils’ pupils through 7 stages. If a defect became apparent in a pupil of mine in the West, while I was in the East, I would cause it to be concealed. We must make it our business to direct our endeavors, to the fullest possible extent, toward safeguarding the welfare of our companions. Fortunate is he who has seen me, and how sorry I feel for him who has not seen me!"

Shaikh Ali al-Quraishi has told us: "Our Master Shaikh Abdul Qadir (may Allah be pleased with him) once said: "I was handed a scroll [sijill] that stretches as far as the eye can see, containing a list of the names of my companions and my pupils till the Day of Resurrection, and I was told: "They have all been granted to you."" [Courtesy: Necklaces of Gems (Qala’id al-Jawahir)]