Islam is neither retrogressive nor conservative. Its nature is flowing, moving onwards, creating new values and systems strictly confined to the fundamental beliefs of Islam, along with the commandments and prohibitions. It is not solid; resisting changes of form and dimension, but is dynamic and progressive in character. In its sleeves, Islam has wrapped up thousands turmoil of the centuries, but flowing like a vast and deep ocean. Time is dynamic and every particle of this Universe is dynamic, and there is nothing solid, inert and static.

First know something, and then try to know Imam Ahle Sunnat  Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him), otherwise fondly remembered by his disciples as Alahazrat, is our humble suggestion. Please don’t make haste in appreciating or criticizing Alahazrat. Please don’t be pre-determined or prejudiced. Whatever subject you know well, ask for a book of Alahazrat on that subject. Make a discreet study. First study, then comment. 

Most followers were not admirers of Alahazrat by birth. When we studied Alahazrat on Economics, we had to concede his talent in the subject. It is very easy to remark "what can Alahazrat know about Economics". But now we know what he knows. (Dr.) Sir Ziauddeen was not an admirer of Alahazrat initially but when he saw the charisma of his knowledge in the field of Mathematics, he said. "Alahazrat deserved Nobel Prize". (Dr.) Prof. Masud Ahmad was not an admirer of Alahazrat initially but when he studied Alahazrat, he called him a miracle of Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). Prof. Mirza Nizamuddin Beg was not an admirer of Alahazrat initially. 

When you are able to know Alahazrat in one subject or the other, go on studying him in more and more subjects. You will not find him short of subjects. Study him as much as you can. Study him as deep as you can. The more you study, the more you will find. But all this depends upon what you know. The more you know, the more you will find in Alahazrat. If you know nothing, you will find nothing in him as zero multiplied by any figure comes to zero. Alahazrat was a name that lived. Alahazrat is a name that lives. Alahazrat is a name to live. It is Alahazrat on whom research is being made at California University, USA, Leiden University, Holland, Columbia University, USA, Ceylon, Azhar University, Egypt, Karachi University, Sindh University, Punjab University of Pakistan. The Patna University of India has already conferred degree of Ph.D. on Dr. Hasan Riza Khan for his work on Alahazrat. It is Alahazrat whose fatwa is referred to by every Mufti of today. It is Alahazrat whose Na‘at poetry is recited in every Islamic celebration. It is Alahazrat on whom about 5000 books, brochures and articles have been written so far and the number is increasing day by day, according to a Research scholar of Sindh University, Pakistan.


Men have studied Alahazrat, men are studying Alahazrat and men will study Alahazrat. Be one of them, please. The suggestion is ours but the decision is yours. Just glance over any book of Alahazrat, you will know Alahazrat at a Glance. 


May God never deprive me of the Love of His Messenger
May ill luck never rob me of my hearts real pleasure!

It may be circumambulating of the Prophets grave or prostration
An infatuated lover will do anything to show his veneration

It is he, who generously forgives such serious sinners
No one else can pardon them for such blunders

All the physicians have shown their helplessness and inability
I would be a lost man, if the Prophet himself does not heal me

Where is my heart taking me away from the Prophet’s City?
May God save my heart from every imminent catastrophe?

If the plea of hope for forgiveness is rejected by the Creator
What other plausible excuse can be invented by the sinner

The candle of the Prophet’s love in my heart is lit
I hope the wind of lust does not blow to extinguish it

On the day of Judgement we will enjoy the Prophet’s intercession
Let the disbeliever even then not pray to him for intervention

Granted that my heart is very weak and slim
It should not feel tired, at least, on my way to him

When by nature you are compassionate to everyone
He is good who is always kind to every other person

My heart longs to go near divines ecstasy’s brink
Who wants to forbid me from tasting this virtuous drink?

Raza! They are all going to Madinah the Prophet’s City
O God, if I do not go, it would be a real pity

By Imam Ahmad Raza Khan