Our Spiritual Guide

Hafiz the poet said:

 "Accept every instruction thy Teacher giveth, for he knoweth which is the Path and where is thy good."

He is a great mystic, with a pure selfless heart, disentangled from materialism. He is a genuine preacher that disregards ostentation and self-interest. He propagates Islam in its true pristine form and invigorates the love of Almighty Allah, his beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), and his Companions (RA) in the hearts of mankind. His noble lineage (Siddiqui) can be easily seen in his principles of gentleness, respect, humility, modesty, self-denial, tolerance, culture and forgiveness.

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His appointments in the Islamic field are wide and varied such as, Principal of the Madrassa Azhar-ul-Uloom Educational Center in Lahore (Pakistan); Khateeb of the Memon Hanafi Masjid in Colombo; Imam of Mauritius Jummah Mosque; Imaam and Khateeb of Nelson and Manchster Jummah Mosques (UK) and Head of Islamic Affairs for Mauritius and United Kingdom.

His mission has always had been peace objectives and communal harmony as preached by Islam. His humility and sincerity of purpose attracted followers to his Path. He speaks softly and cautiously in order not to hurt the feelings of others. Yet, when he has to break the fetters of human weakness such as hatred, vengeance, jealousy, greed, rancor, pride, superiority complex, exploitation of others, lack of compassion, understanding and respect for others, his voice becomes a ragging torrent that strikes even the hardest rock.  

His greatness lies in the fact that wherever he goes, he conveys the message of love to humanity in tune with the Islamic teachings. He ranked himself amongst those great men of religion that has taken love, compassion, regards for others, altruism, sincerity of purpose and the spirit of human brotherhood as their leitmotiv in the fight against, greed, envy, the evils of pure materialism and the constant menace of war.  

Such a man could, if he had so wished, pursue higher studies to become a professional and lead a quiet life. Nay, his noble soul is different from that of others. He has a special mission to accomplish that of guiding people on the right Path. He has fought like a true spiritual warrior and his effort has been crowned with success, like the moon that has veiled herself for the coming of another day.

Indeed before the arrival of this great mystic, there was a negligence of religious duties on the part of many Muslims. The lives and teachings of the great Saints of Islam (Sufis) were known to but a few firm disciples of earlier Spiritual Masters whose feet had blessed the soil of Mauritius and other countries around the world. The pressing need of the time was, therefore, for the necessity of having a preacher and mystic who would inflame the hearts of people to study Islam in its true form. Hence began the new era. A great man was born to revive that love of religion amongst the followers of Islam as he hails from the long and glorious line of the Qadiri Sufi Order.

He is essentially a man of culture. The way he walks, sits, greets, talks to and smiles at people, his tact shown in a discussion, his patience in listening to others, all combine to make a unique mystic in the field of religion today. His Eminence enlightens and educates his followers on: How to love ones religion without offending others, how to open ones doors to whomsoever knocks at, irrespective of creed or color, how to be patient in times of turmoil and odd moments, how to give love in return for hatred, sincerity for hypocrisy and friendship for hostility.

All the institutions His Eminence has caused to establish both in Mauritius and abroad in no less than 20 countries have stood the test of time and are keeping aloft the flag of Islam. Khanqah’s (building used for spiritual retreat and training), Mosques, Madrassas and Eid Gahs have been the fulfillment of his long-cherished dreams and thus the Islamic education and practices find their full accomplishment within the doors of these institutions. From Mauritius he was able to extend his activities and spread the Society to such countries as South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Australia, USA, South America, etc, not forgetting India and Pakistan, which pulled the trigger for his religious movement.

Like the well known roving Sufi Saint, Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) who was also sent by Alahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) to spread the true form of Islam across the world. This he did admirably, converting people to true Islam and establishing the Qadiri Tradition in such far-off places as Mauritius, Fiji, Canada, Guyana and Kenya to name only a few places.

Many hundreds of books, manuals, pamphlets, articles, reviews, etc on different topics of Islam were published during the past 35 years under the guidance of His Eminence. How could it be otherwise when such a preacher would burn the midnight oil to commit to paper ideas, which necessitated ardent expression? His whole body and soul would express contentment when the Society succeeded in publishing new books, treaties, pamphlets or other manuals. He is a passionate educator to the very core and can well serve in this field as a lighthouse to others. This is due to the fact that while many writers write for their own glory or material benefits, this poet and writer writes to please his Creator, the Lord of the Universe, his beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) and other true sons of Islam.

Just imagine a preacher sitting night and day within the four walls of an office, leaving his beloved wife and children far away, exploring every avenue through research work for the benefit of others and Islam; you will wonder whether he does not set a unique example in his field. Despite this, he knows everything that goes on even in the remotest corner of the globe and can advise on many steps that could be taken to remedy an unwanted situation.

He is passionately remembered when the General-Secretary of the Society met him at his residence in Manchester in 1978. In such a permissive society as ‘Europe’, he would sit as he does everywhere, on his mat as a humble servant of Islam in quietude and contemplation, trying to see through his infinite wisdom what else could be done in the realm of religion. His manner and characteristics are truly worthy to emulate for one who seeks peace in his final abode and salvation hereafter. It is truly amazing that this gentle and soft-spoken beloved of Allah can hardly be heard in a private sitting but when he climbs the Pulpit, the transformation in incredible and his thunderous discourses can be heard from miles.

His Eminence is indeed from amongst the rare breed of men. His restless soul never permits him to stagnate in any single place for too long, always on the move from one city to another and crossing continents to meet his devout disciples. At the same time, organizing Halqas Zikr’s, arranging religious functions, advising his friends and well-wishers, visiting sick disciples and always planning new projects for the glorification of Islam and for the pleasure of Allah and His beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). He is a mystic obsessed with work, and the speed and energy with which he operates would make one surmise that there is no tomorrow on his calendar. He infuses this energy into his disciples and when he makes his visits around the world, amongst other duties, to recharge the batteries of his disciples so that the constructive works that he initiated continue to progress in his absence. His constant advice to his multitude of followers is never to concern yourselves whether the next person is doing any work or not, but continue with individual work irrespective in order to achieve success. 

During his speech on the occasion of the 16th Eid Milan Party in Mauritius in December 1999, he stated that he has been humbly able to serve his followers on the basis of love and truth. By deeds, not by words, as this Master would always say 'action', not talk, but action. Talking and sermonizing are easy jobs. What is difficult is to carry out a mission with sincerity of purpose. The Path of sincerity and truthfulness is always strewn with obstacles. It demands a great deal of courage and determination to go through. To work just to carve a name for ourselves leads us nowhere. It is a secret to nobody that today egoism has taken precedence on altruism. We always refer to our status in society without questioning ourselves whether we are humane in our relationship with others. Indeed, we ought to be human first and then anything else.

Professor Dr. Masud Ahmed in his treatise called 'Reflections', in honor of His Eminence, reflects a high esteem for Hazrat Maulana Khushtar as an author, accomplished poet, preacher, Spiritual Guide and roving Ambassador of Islam.