Itinerary of a Sufi Traveler

Seekers for Truth have wholeheartedly appointed His Eminence as Captain on board this vessel. He set sail in 1963, to reach the shores of Colombo, Sri Lanka where he was welcomed with great honors and respect.  It was the same year he also witnessed the demise (wisaal) of Muhadith-e-Aazam Pakistan Maulana Sardar Ahmad (may Allah be pleased with Him), teacher and Guide, on Sunday 27th January 1963 (Shabaan 1382), in Karachi and buried in Lyallpur.

Among the writers that have recorded his historic achievements and wrote glowing tributes; names like the late N.M.A. Sattar Qadiri Razvi, Sub-Editor Foreign News Desk Times of Ceylon, M.C.A. Hassan, Hansard reporter and Ceylon Broadcaster and G.M. Issac, ex-Principal of Harrow College Mauritius. 

Sri Lanka






Cape Town

Pietermaritzburg Benoni




His Eminence second port of call was Port Louis in Mauritius on the 2nd January 1965. He was destined to cause an unparalleled revolution in the Islamic sphere of Mauritius and his murids (disciples) express their love through literary appreciation in the form of poems and writings. 

His Eminence then set sail for South Africa and landed in Africa on 16 June 1968 in Cape Town, where the assemblies of  Halqa Zikr and various spiritual celebrations are now well anchored in the hearts of Muslims in South Africa due to his Eminence. From South Africa his embarkation has led him to Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. His Eminence then set sail for United Kingdom, France (Paris), Holland, Switzerland, Spain in Europe and not forgetting India, Pakistan and Australia.

In Spain His Eminence was able to witness for himself the vestiges of the Muslim rule and he prayed in the Mosque-turned church of Cordova. 

In order to disseminate the True message of Islam on a global scale, His Eminence has succeeded in establishing international branches, academies and Khanqah's [spiritual and meditation centers]. He has established branches of the Sunni Razvi Society  covering all five continents with the result that the life and teachings of the great genius and Islamic Revivalist, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) are known. 

On April 1992 the yearly Souvenir Magazine published by the Society indicated that 27 years since its establishment, 27 branches have been established in 15 countries spreading over 5 continents:

In Mauritius ( Port Louis, Vallee Pitot, Phoenix); South Africa (Cape Town, Lenasia, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Benoni, Pretoria, Gauteng); Botswana, Kenya (Nairobi); Zimbabwe; UK (Manchester, Croydon, Slough, Nelson), France (Paris); Holland (Amsterdam); Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad); India (Bombay, Bareilly); Sri Lanka; Australia (Brisbane); South America (Suriname), USA (Texas, New York) and North America (Ontario).


According to the great Sufi and writer Shaikh Ali al-Hujwiri (may Allah be pleased with him), "True spiritualism is as rare as the Philosophers Stone". The Spiritual Path is difficult to travel except for those who are created for it.


His Eminence has thus been traveling and spreading the message of Islam for more than 35 years. He has showed us the Way of the Traveler, where all baggage and 'comfort zones' are left behind and many sacrifices have to be made. It is truly amazing how one single human being can accomplish and sacrifice so much just for the pleasure of Almighty Allah and His beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings be Upon Him). On every soil that he has placed his sacred feet, he has planted the seeds of Truth and Love.