Qasidah Ghausiyah



The Qasidah Ghausiyah was written by our Master, Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him). The explanation in English is by the late Dr. S.A. Imam, Prof. of Arabic, University of Ceylon. The original Arabic translation of the Qaseedah and the Urdu version is by Maulana Shams Bareilvi. We have captured a few lines:


I am Hasani and my abode is my cell,

And my feet are on the neck of each Saint.


There is not the slightest of egotism in the aforesaid "My foot is on the shoulder of all Saints". The Hazrat completely mastered his lower self (ego/nafs). He who tried throughout his earthly life, by his examples, sermons and writings, to wean mankind from all lower desires and passions could not for a moment think of self-exaltation. It was only after the Sultan of Saints (Sultan al-Awliya) had mastered his ego and became a perfect man, and only by the inspired command of the Prophet Mustapha (Allah bless him and give him peace) that he became a teacher and established contact with other people.

Though many Sufis had written before him, it was Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) who most clearly defined the Path and explained the terms, which, since then, have become accepted practices. He gave a Sufi explanation of the fundamental duties of Islam - prayer, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage, etc.


Cups of Union the Beloved gave me to drink;

So I told my "Wine", advance towards me.


Then it moved and walked to me in cups;

"In my intoxication". I understood the Friends in my midst.


I said to all the Polar-Stars, Come and enter my State.

And become my Companions


Be courageous and drink, you are my army,

Because the Cup-Bearer of the Fraternity has filled my cup to the full.


And you sipped from my cup, what I left after my deep "intoxication",

But you neither attained my height nor my Union


All your stations are high,

But mine is higher ever.


I am singularly near to Him,

The Mighty One who changes my state and suffices.


I am a white Falcon of every Mystic.

"Who is there among the Saints, so gifted as me?"


He enrobed me with determination embroidered,

And He crowned me with the Crown of Perfection.


Unto me He revealed the Ancient secrets.

He adopted me and granted my request.


And He made me a Ruler over all the Polar-Stars.

So my Orders are effective under all circumstances.


Had I thrown my secret into the oceans,

They would have at once dried up.


Had I thrown my secret over, mountains,

They would have been pulverized.


Had I thrown my secret into fire,

It would have been at once extinguished by the secret of my mystic state.


Had I thrown my secret over the dead,

He would have stood up with the power of exalted God.


There are no months or ages,

Which flow but with my knowledge.


And they acquaint me with the present and the future, and they give me information,

And so, will you terminate your wrangles with me.


Be courageous my disciple, be cheerful and sing, in ecstasy

And act without restraint, for his name is exalted.


Do not be frightened, my disciple, Allah is my Sustainer

He has granted me the status through which I have attained high eminence.


My drums have been beaten in the heavens and earth,

And I have been given the rank of Good Luck.


The empire of Allah is under my Command,

And my time has been purified before birth.


I cast a glance at the entire Empire of Allah,

It is like a mustard seed alongside my sovereignty


I acquired knowledge till I became a Polar-Star,

And attained good luck through the great Lord.


They are companions remorseful like those who fast,

And like pearls in the darkness of the nights.


Each Saint has a station,

And I follow in the footsteps of the Prophet the Full Moon of Perfection.


He is a Prophet belonging to the family of Hashim and

To Mecca and to Hijaz, He is my ancestor. I achieve my objects through him.


Do not be frightened, my Disciple, of a Slanderer,

For I am a determined Combatant in battle.


I am Al Jilani; my name is Muhyiuddin,

And my banners flutter on mountaintops.


I am Hasani and my abode is my cell,

And my feet are on the neck of each Saint.


Abdul Qadir is my famous name,

And my ancestor is one possessed of an insight perfect.



Qasidah Ghausia of Hazrat Ghausul Thakalayn [Sirra min sirra Hoo]

There are a lot of properties associated with this Blessed Qasidah Ghauthiyah of Hadhrat Muhyuddin Sheikh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilaani. Among them, the person that recites this Qasida Ghausia eleven [11] times every day will be near and dear to Allahu Subhaana Hoo. Secondly whoever recites this Qasidah Ghausia, his memory will be strengthened so much so that whatever he reads or hears he will remember. Thirdly, by reading this Qasidah Ghausia will be able learn the Arabic language easily. Fourthly, whoever recites this Qasidah Ghausia for forty days for a particular purpose he will be able to fulfil that. Fifthly, if a person keeps this Qasidah Ghausia in from of his eyes and reads it three times a day, and if he doesn't know how to read, he listens to it recitation and doesn't separate from this Blessed Qasidah Ghausia, and has a strong belief and love for what he is listening to or reciting, then he will see Hazrat Ghausul Thakalayn Sirra min Sirra Hoo. By reciting this Blessed Qasidah Ghausia, a nisbah [ spiritual connection] is formed with the sincere reciter and Hazrat Ghausul Thakalayn Sirra min Sirra Hoo.