Circle of Remembrance

In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence, the second listening, the
third remembering, the fourth practicing, the fifth -- teaching others.

Khanqah Qadiria Razvia

Parisot Road. Mesnil


Tel: (230) 696 4084

Khanqah manager:  Rashid Khodabux 

Tel: (230) 697 2404


Halqa Zikr and Gyaraween Shareef on Thursday nights after Asr

The current number of Thursday weekly Halqa Zikr is 907th


Sunni Razvi Academy

28 Bis Sir Edgar Laurent Street

Port Louis

Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 240 3596


Weekly Monday Halqa Zikr after Esha prayers (1668th weekly Zikrs already conducted)

Monthly Gyaraween Shareef (363 conducted already)

The 1668th Halqa Zikr and 365th Gyaraween were simultaneously celebrated on

14 August 2000.


Zikr begins with recitation of Quran, then durood shareef, naat shareef, a speech by Pir-i-Tariqat Maulana Khushtar and then Zikr.  Another naat after the Zikr, the recitation of the Shajara Mubaraka and finally fatiha and doah for all Muslims around the world. In the absence of our Pir-O-Murshid, the Halqa Zikr is conducted by 

members of the Society. 



Zikr is held @ various locations around the world at the Qadiriya Razviya Khanqah's and at the various disciples homes. We hope to have the latest update of these locations.