What is Maslak-e-AlaHazrat?

The Belief (Aqida) that the Beloved of Allah is Present and Observing

Transcript of a lecture by Taajush Shariah Allama Akhtar Raza Khan al-Qadiri Azhari qibla

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan al-Qadiri (may Allah sanctify his soul) also known as Alahazrat never innovated any religion in his name. This great Imam has been awarded from Allah and His Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) for his dedication to serve Islam and reform the practices of our Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam).Therefore, Allahís real Deen is introduced by the name of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan al-Qadiri (may Allah sanctify his soul) thatís why, Maslake Alahazrat is another name of Maslake Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaíat. There is not enough time to elaborate his teaching, however, I can compress all his thoughts and teachings in few stanzas of his poetry which present the real faith and right beliefs of a real Muslim concerning the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam)as he says,

allah ki sar ta baa qadam shaan hain yeh,
insaa nahin insaan, woh insaan hain yeh,
quran to imaan batata hai inhein,
imaan yeh kahta hai meri jaan hain yeh

I have come to explain what AlaHazrat says, indicating to His Revered and Very Esteemed Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) as he is looking at Him. This is the Glory and Jalwa of ALLAH from head to bottom (feet). This is such a man that no man is like him. Moreover, I have to say aforesaid quatrain of AlaHazrat comprises one more belief which is not spoken but it is understood easily through the indication?

That is aqida-e-hazir-o-nazir which can be explained in English in this manner that our Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) is present everywhere, observing everyone by his knowledge and through His insight, That is why the Muslim is instructed while performing namaz (prayers) to consider himself in the presence of Holy Prophet Mustafa (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and to say with due respect, "as salam-o-alaika ya ayyuhan nabi,wa rahmatullah-e-wa-barakatuhu". If he is unable to look at his beloved Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam), he must believe that his Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) is alive and he is in front of him observing his actions and looking at the condition of his heart wherever he may be. This way AlaHazrat guides Muslims how to believe the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and what is the right belief regarding the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam)? One can realize himself through his AQIDA that Prophet Mustafa (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) is quite unparallel, unique and peerless so nobody in the whole Creation can compare to Him. Quran calls on people to believe the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and calls Him IMAAN but IMAAN states that the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) is my spirit.This is not only the teachings of AlaHazrat but also the teachings of Kalimah and it is the voice of every Muslims heart so now you can know who the real Muslims are? There in no real Muslim but Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat. In this connection I would like to recall some stanzas of Hazrat Hasan Ibne Sadiq Radi Allaho Ta`ala Anhu- the great poet of the dawn of Islamic age, Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) used to lay down the pulpit for him and commanded him so many times to stand on the pulpit depending the Reverential Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and communicated good news to Hazrat Hasan Ibne Saadiq Radi Allaho Ta`ala Anhu stating Roohul Qudus Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihe Salato Wasallam in defending him. As longer he is defending his Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) So the above mentioned poet of the dawn of Islamic age Hazrat Hasan Ibne Saabit Radi Allaho Ta`ala Anhu, praising his revered Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) says, "Never an eye witnessed more glorious than you, women have never given birth to the virtuous than you, you have been created free from every blemish, you seem to be created as you wished". Every one can know through these words that Aala Hazrat is not alone in regard with his belief concerning Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam), in realistic manner he complies in his belief with the faith of Holy Companions of Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam), and it proves that this is the real manner to believe Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and the beliefs of Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat have been inherited from the companions of Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam). Thatís why AlaHazrat says

Ahle Sunnat ka hai Bera Paar, Ashaba Huzoor Najm Hai,
Aur Nau Hai Itrat Rasool Allah Ki

That is, Ahle Sunnat are delivered at trust the companions of your excellence of the leading stars and your descendents are just like a boat for deliverance?

This sense is the derivation from a Hadith in which Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) has compared his companions with the stars that has lightened his defendants with the boat of Hazrat Nooh Alaihi Salam In the meantime, there are some people trying to represent Islam in a wrong way, actually, they are not representing Islam but they are only trying to deprive Muslims from the spirit of Islam, as they say, Mohammad (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) is a man like others?. Unfortunately, they try to justify this wrong tenet by means of the verses of Holy Quran, Para (16) "Say you, apparently in facial outlook of a man, I am like you, I receive revelation that your Allah is one". Al-Kahf column (110).

In this verse Allah has commanded His Holy Prophet only to state in a humble way that he is apparently like others. Meanwhile, he is clarifying the things which separate him from the mankind, stating that the revelation comes to him that your deity is one so whilst Allah has commanded only His Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) to make such a statement in a humble way, how can his believers dare to turn the simile and claim that they are like the Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam).

It would be a very irrespective attitude towards respected Rasool (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam). They believe one part of this verse, meanwhile they do not believe the other part i.e. I receive revelation (Al-Kahf: 110).

The revelation comes to me, therefore, Allah states about such people i.e. they believe in some parts of divine (Quran) and they do not believe in some others, while Allah states about Sunnis those who have got the certain knowledge, say, ?We did believe the whole book, every Aayat is from our Lord, the Almighty Allah.? One can know through these verses that the revelation to the Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) requires an eye quite different from the eyes of whole mankind and it requires ears quite different from the ears of the mankind and a heart quite different from the hearts of mankind. Therefore, he states, `Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam, "My eyes sleep and my heart does not". Through this statement one can derive that there is no relation corresponding to his eminence in any manner, except visible conditions and regarding his intrinsic status. He is quite different from the whole mankind, it seems to be eminent mankind but it has been classified in the highest rank of Angels like other Prophets, moreover, he is virtuous among all his Prophets. Therefore, Ulama say, Prophets have been placed among the mankind is in regard with the apparent manners but regarding their intrinsic status they have been classified with the Angels, therefore, they observe the whole earth from East to West in one sight, they hear the cracking of heaven and they smell the fragrance of Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihi Salam while he intends to descend down to the Prophets and all creations thatís why he himself says about him. If I intended to make anyone my intimate, I had Abu Bakr (Radi Allah-o-Taaíla Anhu) as my friend (companion). However, there is a relation between me and you in Islam and your Master is Khaleel (intimate) of Rehman (The Compassionate)? Naseem-ur-Riaz, the distinguished work of Imam Shahbuddin Khifajyi.

Thatís why our Holy Prophet says, "I witness what you do not witness and I hear what you do not hear". It is quite short which has been mentioned above, much more has been left out.

I conclude with these few words, "May Allah accept them and may Allah bestow all of us to keep on the right path having the reverence and respect of His Holy Prophet (Sallal-Lahu Alaihi Wassallam) and all the belongings of him. May Allah keep us away from the company of misled people"? Amin!