Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


The Pure and Prophetic 

Family Tree of the "Syed Hakim" family of Cape Town, South Africa

[To be handled with utmost respect]

1. Syedna Muhammad

2. Syedna Ali -- Sayyedah Fatimah

3. Imam Husayn

4. Imam Ali Zaynal Abideen

5. Imam Muhammad Baqar

6. Imam Jafar Sadiq

7. Imam Musa Kazim

8. Imam Ali Rida

9. Imam Muhammad Taqi Jawwad

10. Imam Ali Naqi Madi

11. Syed Jafar Saani

12. Syed Allauddin Ali

13. Syed Abdullah

14. Syed Ahmad Maqbool

15. Syed Ahmad Bukhari

16. Syed Muhammad Safiullah

17. Syed Jaffar Abu-Abdullah

18. Syed Ali Mir Khurd

19. Syed Jalaluddin Husayn Bukhari

20. Syed Muhammad Ghaus

21. Syed Wajihuddin Abu-Sayeed

22. Syed Nuruddin Abdur-Rahman

23. Syed Qutbuddin Junaid

24. Syed Abdul Wahhab

25. Syed Esa Qattal

26. Syed Jalaal Sani

27. Syed Ruknuddin Shahbanki

28. Syed Shah Chiragh

29. Syed Shah Bahabur

30. Syed Shah Asrar

31. Syed Shah Aswar

32. Syed Shah Nur

33. Syed Shah Sardar

34. Syed Shah Mir

35. Syed Muhammad

36. Syed Hashim

37. Syed Husayn [Surat, India]

38. Syed Abdul-Rahman [Surat, India]

39. Syed Abdul-Qadir [Surat, India]



40. Syed Abdul-Rahman Hakim [Cape Town, South Africa]                44. Syed Ahmed Hakim [Cape Town, SA]

41. Syed Abdul Qadir [Usama] Hakim                                                45. Syed Muhammad Fuzail       

42. Syed Zainul-Abideen Hakim

43. Syed Abdur-Razzak Hakim


This holy and pure Prophetic lineage has been translated from the original Arabic and Persian manuscript into the English language by Fakhruddin Ahmed Owaisi al-Madani of Madinah Munawarah. The manuscripts which were very old were provided by Syed Ahmed and Syed Abdul-Rahman Hakim. May the blessings of Almighty Allah be always upon the Noble Prophet and all his descendants. Amin! 

28 September, 1998 Cape Town - South Africa