We notice a shift and a new generation of seekers benefit from the Digital Age as much as earlier generations benefited from printed technology. Spirituality on the Internet is like anything else in terms of its technological infrastructure; issues of cost and access to equipment presently limit the extensive use of the Internet by underdeveloped countries.



The Internet as a Communications Tool: you can use e-mail, electronic bulletin boards, and chat rooms to communicate with people all over the world, its faster and cheaper. The Internet as a Publication Tool: Magazines and newspapers from around the world are all going online. Most people come to the Internet out of sheer curiosity. The World Wide Web (the Internets most popular branch) attracts thousands of new users every day. With the advent of the Internet, we see a breakthrough as it is free to access, great educational prospects, has no limitations and allows valuable information to be shared easier and quicker with people from all around the world. In addition, contact among people is much speedier, and cheaper at times with responses via e-mail.  

We presently see the formation of 'virtual' Sufi communities based on Internet chat rooms, web radio, etc, but these are pretty much localized in USA and Europe because of excellent telecommunication infrastructure and inexpensive access to the Internet.

The vision of the Khanqah Qadiriya Razviya is to further establish and enhance contact with our Spiritual Guide, disciples, researchers, writers and other organizations who have the same creed. To creatively use technology to deepen our understanding of the true Islamic teachings and spirituality without changing the essence. Accumulation of information does not necessarily qualify as true knowledge however by real practice and experience we can obtain 'true' knowledge. 

Our long-term vision would be to further develop this web site using various interactive (audio, video, etc) features. These would include: regular updated travel schedules of our Pir-i-Tariqat, discourses, Halqa Zikrs, Urs celebrations, Milad-un-Nabi (Allah bless him and give him peace), speeches, etc. The yearly Souvenir Magazine printed in Mauritius could be available to everyone once published online.