Only Almighty Allah's guidance may show the right Path. May Almighty Allah give us the capacity to accept the truth and to tread on the Right Path

First know something, and then try to know Imam Ahle Sunnat Ahmad Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him), otherwise fondly remembered by his disciples as Alahazrat, is our humble suggestion. Please donít make haste in appreciating or criticizing Alahazrat. Please donít be pre-determined or prejudiced. Whatever subject you know well, ask for a book of Alahazrat on that subject. Make a discreet study. First study, analyze, contemplate, and then comment. As and Alim, Alahazrat was a great favor and gift  to the Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaat [Sunnis].


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Prof. Dr. Masud Ahmed in the preface of his book entitled 'Baseless Blame' written on 09th December 1980 [30th Muharram 1401] wrote that despite the fact that he had been continuously writing since 1957, he offers an apology that he could not study Imam Ahmad Raza until the year 1969, merely for the reason that except his father, Hazrat Mufti-e Azam Muhammad Mazharullah, all his teachers belonged to a clique who were against Imam Ahmad Raza. But when he commenced his study of this genius Imam in 1970, he was disillusioned. A real and factual situation was quite different from what he had been told.


An objective perusal and observation is the best medium of distinguishing between what is true and what is false. Malicious propaganda may misguide the public and conceal the truth, but not forever. When the curtains of prejudice were torn asunder by objective research and study by various researchers from around the world, the horizon became clear and all misgivings give way to correct appreciation.


Generally it has been observed that instead of accepting the truth, opponents come out with, equipped with new arguments and their approach is always negative. Honest difference of opinions should be respected and tolerated, but some intellectuals even ignore friendship and oppose their opponents vehemently, as if the historical facts possess such similitude with religious beliefs, and anyone opposing them should be silenced. Dr. Prof. Masud believes in treating historical facts and dogmas separately. In case of difference of opinion, one can be convinced by means of arguments provided history is studied in its true perspective. If the difference of opinion is elevated to the status of dogma and the opponents persist that his stand is correct, then the situation will worsen and an interminable battle will begin. 


So the writer has reserved himself for the positive research, although some critics disapproved, and the campaign of unhealthy tirade and blaming by certain intellectuals continued unabated, so the writer had to pay attention to this deplorable issue. Whatever has been written IS NOT to refute the enemies of Imam Ahmad Raza, because when opposition takes the shape of a dogma, it cannot be helped. Only Almighty Allah's guidance may show the right Path. May Almighty Allah give us the capacity to accept the truth and to tread on the Right Path. Amin!


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