The Five Qadiri Treasures

This world and its lovers, and inward feelings are all strong currents and veils. Pass these curtains and you will be a true Sufi; once you are a true Sufi, your heart will be free of external lusts. Your heart will be transposed into a mirror that will portray Allah. When you travel with the love of Allah on the Path of Allah, then you will not notice anyone besides Allah. If not, you are a victim of self-worship and will cause great trouble.

Treasure Number 1

Do not take false oaths.
Do not lie.
Do not fail to fulfill a promise.
Do not curse or reprove without reasons.
Stop disobeying Allah.
Do not remind anyone of your favours.
Do not have greed and do not covet.
Do not unnecessarily call anyone who faces the Qibla a Kafir if he does not deny the necessities of religion.
Be hospitable if you are good-natured.