The Five Qadiri Treasures

This world and its lovers, and inward feelings are all strong currents and veils. Pass these curtains and you will be a true Sufi; once you are a true Sufi, your heart will be free of external lusts. Your heart will be transposed into a mirror that will portray Allah. When you travel with the love of Allah on the Path of Allah, then you will not notice anyone besides Allah. If not, you are a victim of self-worship and will cause great trouble.

Treasure Number 2

Accept that everything is from Allah and be happy with His decisions whether you gain any benefit or not.
Do not do anything that has been directed by internal lusts.
Obey Allah’s commandments and remain aloof from the forbidden.
Do not be obsessed with your own interest and keep in mind the Will of Allah.
Have confidence in Allah in everything you do.