The Five Qadiri Treasures

This world and its lovers, and inward feelings are all strong currents and veils. Pass these curtains and you will be a true Sufi; once you are a true Sufi, your heart will be free of external lusts. Your heart will be transposed into a mirror that will portray Allah. When you travel with the love of Allah on the Path of Allah, then you will not notice anyone besides Allah. If not, you are a victim of self-worship and will cause great trouble.

Treasure Number 4

Imagine and believe that you are before the all-knowing Allah, and that you and your actions have no special

All that exist come from Allah: your equality is mere nullity.
Think that all good deeds that you do are through the encouragement (Taufeeq) of  Allah and all evil deeds are the

   results of self-motivated action.
Firmly believe that everything happens according to the Will of Allah and according to Fate.
Do not consider yourself to be possessed with any human power except that granted by Allah.
Believe that every person in indebted to Allah according to his capacity.
If Shari’at accepts something then believe that it is in accordance with the Will of Allah.
Do not even think of anything that is contrary to the Will of Allah.
Seek solitude and quietness.
Reduce your sleep.
Have dealings with Allah and not with worldly people, because He has invited you to His Kingdom of Mercy.