We condemn any acts of violence or terrorism


This Tuesday, 11 September 2001 was a horror and completely un-Islamic. The World Trade Center has been destroyed, the Pentagon severely damaged, our National Security tested, thousands have died and we are now a nation at war. Economically, this disaster could not have come at a worse time, just as the GDP has begun to slow. The subsequent business slowdown has affected everyone. The airline, hotel, and tourism industries have been hit particularly hard by the September 11 tragedy. Regrettably, many from the Middle East and South Asia were affected by the rash, hate-filled backlash of an ill- informed and ill-educated few in this country.


In the face of such turmoil, our Muslim community in USA demonstrated support and resolve. To combat the irrational fear of many non-Muslim Americans, we aided in educating the public about our glorious religion of peace, mercy, and equality. The local news and law enforcement agencies graciously provided a medium through which we educated the general public, thereby ameliorating some of the national anxiety and fear. Additional police patrol was provided for our Mosques, especially at prayer times, moreover, we were reassured that our civil liberties will not be compromised, and hate crimes would be punished to the full extent of the law.


Who is trying to damage Islam? Extremely sick people who have lost their hearts and minds perpetrated an act of utter savagery. It is important that we discuss this, and find a way to understand or at least put it in perspective.


This was an action done by people. This was not an act of God. When people choose to hurt other people, there will be consequences for both sides. The people who did this used their will, not Almighty Allah's [Invincible and Exalted is He]. This is the result of the nafs [ego]. When the nafs goes unchecked, without guidance, without grounding in Reality, there is a loss of connection to Life and the Living. What can we do? First, let us pray for those who have been murdered and hurt by this despicable attack. Their families need our comfort and prayers, and the entire world needs more tolerance, patience and compassion. Whoever we meet, for now lets keep ourselves out of their way, and open our hearts so that we may serve others without being a burden. We are responsible for that which we can affect directly. We already know that life is not fair. The world [dunya] is our classroom, and we are here to learn what Almighty Allah has placed before us.


Anger, condemnation and judgment only create more of the same, and that energy spreads out - it is the easiest thing to do and to have opinions and judgments. Since we are in a Sufi Tradition [Qadiriyya Sufi Order], we understand that the same can be done with Allah's Peace and Mercy. Our actions and words are like ripples that spread out, and that is where we can take responsibility. Therefore let us be kind and tolerant; take no sides except Allah's. And if we are not sure what to do, be silent and reflect, and listen to our heart. Ask your heart for guidance, read Koran and Hadith, Rumi, Hafiz, Shaikh Sayyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani and do not worry about who is in charge. This is Allah's world. And though people may hurt each other, we will hold tightly to the rope of Allah, and not be swayed by other's opinions.


It seems that it would be best to not act or speak from an emotional charge. It will only create more of the same ego [nafs]. Wisdom tells us to wait until the emotions have settled down, and one can calmly make intelligent choices using heart and intelligence. When you can listen to your heart and not your nafs or emotions, then you can talk with Allah and reflect upon what you have seen and heard. There is no excuse for murder, but there was a reason that people committed themselves and others to this bizarre, twisted, sick action.


We follow the way of our beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and thus seek the source of Truth, wherever it leads. So before making final decisions, it will take time to examine all the factors involved, and see what the Reality is. Of course there is oppression, injustice. This world is not fair. But what it is, is your teacher. There are many lessons here. What have we learned?


The unfair treatment of western media towards Islam and Muslims is not new to many people. The biased reporting, stereotype stories and hidden hate towards Muslims of the world are facts of western journalism. These champions of the free world who claim that their reporting standards are very high, they are honest and feel responsible to provide correct information to their audiences are in fact, have dual standards of reporting. They intentionally dramatize a situation in order to market their programs and increase their market share at any cost. They are not honest when a news item or a story involves a practicing Muslim or religion of Islam.


Let us be a good example of what a human being is supposed to be as taught to us by our Prophets, Walis, Saints, Teachers, Shaikhs and Pirs. Be forgiving, compassionate and tolerant. Let us try and see things from Allah's point of view. Be patient, and see that each person is on a path to Allah- whether he or she knows it or not. Do not judge others - that is for Allah only. Do not look down or denigrate others. Do not backbite or condemn. Speak well of each other, and spread Allah's Mercy and Compassion wherever you go. Convey Peace to each person your meet. You are Allah's ambassador.

The Koran says, "Hearts find peace only with Allah's "Zikr" [Remembrance]. Reflect on this, and keep it in the forefront of your mind. Peace of mind and heart come from keeping your focus on Allah, and learning what makes Allah happy. This applies individually, as a family, and also as a nation.

There is only Allah. All things come from Allah, all things return to Almighty Allah. That is the Truth. Keep your focus on Allah, and be strong for Allah's sake.

The Messenger of Almighty Allah, the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) is the Universal and Last prophet. Islam means peace and submission to the will of God. It is incumbent therefore upon every Muslim to always preach such noble injunctions about peace and how to achieve it. He emphasizes us to follow these principles globally so that whatever we may do, we shall contribute to the best of our capacity and ability, to the cementing of fraternal, cultural and spiritual ties between our fellow countrymen and of those abroad.


The Sunni Razvi Society was established in 1965 under the spiritual guidance and supervision of its founder patron and president, His Eminence Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Khushtar, Siddiqui Qadiri Razvi. Since 1965 the caravan of love and friendship has marched ahead chanting songs of peace and mutual understanding. We have however, taken every care, on our way, to keep at bay caste-ridden, ethnic minded, cult or political groupings who have personal agendas. Our message is to spread unbounded love, understanding, respect, kindness, sincerity, honesty, forgiveness, simplicity, truthfulness and Universal brotherhood/sisterhood both among Muslims and non-Muslims. If we can practice this then maybe we can succeed in bringing the diverse spectrum of cultures in religions and spiritual paths into harmony to acknowledge mankind's responsibility of being an ambassador between the Creator and His Creation. 


Hazrat Maulana Khushtur further stressed that lovers of the Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon Him) should show their abhorrence to those who incite against this love. They should embrace every lover of the Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon Him) as his brother. The one who talks of the Love for the beloved Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon Him) should be greeted warmly. The love for and of the beloved Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon Him) should be the basis of all relations and dealings. The one who yearns for sacrificing his life for the sake of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon Him) should be respected and honored. This type of Love needs to be known and be manifested.


To love the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon Him) intensely- even above the Sufi Shaikh's who inherit the spiritual wealth, knowledge and beauty of the Prophet - lifts one into perfection. This state of completeness is simply to be through the Being of Almighty Allah, to live through the Life of Almighty Allah, to see through the All-Seeing, to hear through the All-Hearing, etc.


To love the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be Upon Him), who is the Lover of all Humanity, and the Diamond of the Universe, vastly accelerates our spiritual progress. Loving the noble Prophet of Islam enhances immeasurably our love for other human beings, on all levels of development. Failing to love the beloved of Almighty Allah above all beloved persons saps the energy of our love, making it finite and linking it with imperfection.


Love the beloved Prophet of Islam (Allah bless him and give him peace) for his perfection of love! and as the light of true humanity within every heart. Love him and you will love all persons abundantly, fail to love him and you will fail to love anyone truly. Love the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) who is the Perfection of human love, and you will overflow with love for Almighty Allah, Who is the Source of Love. Disappear with ecstatic love into the beloved Prophet of Allah, and you will disappear into Almighty Allah [Exalted in He] in mystic union. Fail to loose yourself in the love of the Prophet who was sent as a Mercy to mankind, and you will never directly encounter the Love of Almighty Allah.


For many years now, news reports documenting the terrors of extreme, militant Islam have been a mainstay of Western media. This has focused attention on 'renewal movements', a subgroup of the true faithful, often to the neglect of the thousands of peace-loving, tolerant Muslims who abide by the true teachings of their faith. Islam is misunderstood and its true form and practices misinterpreted, and it is the fault of Muslims. Enlightened educated experts however, said that most of the precepts espoused by 'radical' Islam conflict with that faith's true teachings.

The Great Revivalist of the 14th Century, the Neglected Genius of the East, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (may Allah be pleased with him) had insight into the many Islamic cults taking place on the Indo-Pak region of the world. So called renewal movements like the Deobandi, Wahhabis and Ahmadiyya have now spread their tentacles to all parts of the world. He said that refutation of the 'Wahabis' and giving legal opinion are such two intricate skills, which like medical science, cannot be obtained through mere reading. These, too require in depth use of the dispensary of a specialist physician. He too sat down in the dispensary of a 'specialist physician' for 7 years.


We must stand firm in our religion of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah, the religion of our Saints and our elders. Those who are against true spiritual enlightenment and the Truth such as the Deobandis, Ahmadis (Lahore, Qadiani and others), Wahabis, Shias, Moududis, Nadwis and ‘other’ movements should be avoided at all times. Let us not live with them; let us consider them our enemies. Neither must we listen to them nor sit in their company. Abhor their publications, for; the devil is quick to change our hearts and cause confusion. A person will never venture to go to a place where his wealth will be in danger or his honor at stake. Our religion and our faith must be treasured, so it is incumbent for us to make all efforts to protect the Truth. Worldly honor and wealth lasts only as long as life exists, while complete faith, on the contrary, lasts for eternity. It is obligatory on every Muslim to safeguard this zealously.


Continually, hadis and the words of the Imams [here, the founders of the 4 Sunni law schools] have indicated, saying that it is forbidden to mingle with bad-mazhabs and that it is imperative to stay away from them…The beloved Prophet said, "Stay away from them, lest they lead you astray, and cause turmoil (fitna) [among you]"…[The beloved Prophet also said,] "If they fall ill, don’t ask about them, if they die, don’t join their funerals." [And,] "When you meet them, don’t marry them." "Don’t read the namaaz (prayers) with them."


More positively, they were to be openly denounced and rebutted, and their wrongdoing and false belief made known, particularly by the ulema.


When bad-mazhab things are being published, by the ijma (consensus of the Scholars which, with Quran, sunna, and qiyas constitutes one of the 4 basis of the Law) of the ummat-e din (the religious community), it is one of the important duties [of the ulema] to rebut them, and to make their bareness apparent.

If the ulema did not do so, people would begin to respect them, they would listen to what they had to say, and soon they would be misled. "Then the work of din would fall into the hands of those who have broken their faith into many pieces…and become a separate group."


May Almighty Allah be pleased with Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) and may He sanctify the innermost beings of all His saints and servants. May Almighty Allah bless our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), his family, and his Companions, and may He grant them peace. Praise be to Almighty Allah [Exalted is He], the Lord of All the Universes.