The Universe is revolving around the Earth


Science indicates that the universe is comprised of systems of waves, atoms, electrons, protons, etc. Waves, which are free, are light. Waves that are confined are matter. Therefore, light waves can travel freely through time and space, without the limitation of matter. The universal laws are constant and harmonious. Light is beyond the dimension of time and space; therefore, time is unlimited. In many spiritual paradigms, light symbolizes timeless universal knowledge. The reflection of the universal light is light within the human being.


 The Intelligent Universe

 Mathematician & Astronomer

 Ahmad Raza as a Physicist

Ahmad Raza a a Researcher


As a Scientist, Sufi and Alim [scholar of Islamic theology and jurisprudence, on whom rests the interpretation of the sharia], Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (may Allah be pleased with him) maintained very high standards and paid attention to every detail. It is an established fact that his personality is multi-dimensional. Besides his enormous contribution in the spiritual field, he penned down a number of scientific books as well.  One of his famous books, "Fauze Mubeen Dar Harkate-Zameen" using the Holy Quran as its guidelines, proves that the earth is NOT rotating, but is stationary. He also proves that the entire Universe is revolving around the Earth. Modern scientific theories believe that the earth is rotating on its own axis and that all the planets, including the earth, are revolving around the sun. He discussed academically and critically the thoughts of medieaval and modern Philosophy and Science, and pointed out the fallacious assumptions of Avicena [Ibn Sina], Ibne Alqazvini, Ibne Mirak Bokhari, Nasiruddin Tusi, Ibne Umer Bedahavi, Mulla Jonpuri, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.


What he professed throughout, is based on the commandments from the holy Quran and the sunnat. Without any difficulties and complications, he presented the Quranic/Islamic concepts of the Creation and mechanism of the entire Universe before the modern rational mind and the West. He does not profess only the mechanism and materialistic traits of Creation [ Matter and Life], but also emphasizes Almighty Allah the Creators omnipotence and His purpose of all the Creation (s).