Souvenir Magazine


The first Sunni Razvi Souvenir Magazine was published on the 28th April 1985 (6th Sha’ban 1405) coinciding with the 18th anniversary of the Sunni Razvi Academy (founded on 28th April 1967) and the laying of the foundation stone of the first Sunni Razvi Eidgah (1985) in Mauritius.


 28 April 1985

  Coinciding with 18th anniversary of the Sunni Razvi Academy

 April 1990

  Eid-ul-Fitr Souvenir Magazine


  Eid-ul-Fitr Souvenir Magazine - Collection of Poems

It is a matter of legitimate pride that the Society has so far published 16 annual Souvenir Magazines, without fail. It usually includes messages from the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, the Leader of the Opposition, and other top personalities of the island. Its numerous articles deal with the activities of His Eminence Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Khushtar Siddiqui Qadiri Razvi, of the Society itself and those dealing with various Islamic topics. It is to be noted that this magazine has a worldwide circulation and has International correspondents and collaborators and the present Editor-in-Chief and General Secretary is G.M. Isaac. 

Some of our International correspondents and writers who have graciously contributed by writing glowing tributes and have recorded his historic achievements, names like: 

The late NMA Sattar Qadiri Razvi, Sub-Editor Foreign News Desk Times of Ceylon, MCA Hassan, Hansard reporter and Ceylon Broadcaster, GM Issac, ex-Principal, of Harrow College, Muhammad Bana of Durban, South Africa and numerous other writers have recorded his monumental accomplishments.


The Sunni Razvi Society celebrated it's 35th anniversary (1965-2000) and the Souvenir Magazine printed on Eid-ul-Fitr (December 2000) published two 'Eid Mubarak' messages from the President (Cassam Uteem) and Prime Minister (Sir Anerood Jugnauth).