Research on Imam Ahmed Raza Khan

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Masud Ahmed has Ijaza (diploma given by Sufi Pir to his disciple authorizing him to enroll disciples) in Naqshbandiyya as well as Qadiriyya orders. Dr. Masud Ahmed is spiritually blessed by two late great figures of Naqshbandiyya order; his late father Mufti-i-Azam Maulana Muhammad Mazha (may Allah be pleased with him) of India and Hazrat Muhammad Mahmood Alwari (may Allah be pleased with him) of Hyderabad [Pakistan] and in the Qadiriyya order from Hazrat Syed Zainul-Abidin Shah al-Qadiri Nurai Shareef (may Allah be pleased with him), Sindh [Pakistan].

Dr. Masud also wrote on the great Saint of the Naqshbandiya Order, Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi (may Allah be pleased with him) including different topics of Islam.

Guidance to Researches 

Translation & Research

He started his research on Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (may Allah be pleased with him) because he was indeed an unknown figure for western scholars because of the negligence of the Muslims of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent who flung this versatile scholar in obscurity. For this reason he called Imam Ahmad Raza Khan the "Neglected Genius of the East". Had Imam Ahmad Raza (may Allah be pleased with him) been in Europe, he would have attracted the scholars of the world.

His interest was first evoked by his late beloved father Mufti-i-Azam Maulana Muhammad Mazha (d.1386/1966) and secondly by Markazi Madjilis-i-Raza, Lahore, Pakistan. In 1970 the Madjilis-i-Raza initiated research programs. This incentive prompted him to go through the available resources. He was astonished! The scholars of the sub-continent not only unnoticed Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, but they also created misunderstanding regarding his scholarly Eminence and general influence.

Dr. Masud Ahmed tried to remove some of the cobwebs of misinterpretations and started in 1970 purely on a research basis. Subsequently he contributed nearly 30 books on Imam Ahmed Raza (may Allah be pleased with him), as well as 120 articles, 50 prefaces and introductions up to 1992. He is regarded among the foremost authorities on Imam Ahmed Raza (may Allah be pleased with him).

These humble efforts were fruitful because scholars and historians of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent and other countries took favourable notice of these writings. He hoped his labours would encourage someone to further unveil the personality of this great scholar, divine and religious genius who had hitherto been shrouded in the midst of prejudice and ignorance. He thanked many other friends who gave valuable suggestions. Without their help this task could not have been accomplished.

Dr. Masud Ahmed is a scholar of high repute, erudite and a spiritually strengthened personality who requires no introduction. He removes the mask of misconceptions to reveal the pure and enlightened knowledge of Islam. He is respected and appreciated for his research. He is the son of the late Mufti-i-Azam Maulana Muhammad Mazha (may Allah be pleased with him), a great Saint of India.

Dr. Ahmed was born in Delhi in 1930 and acquired his education from his father Mufti-i-Azam Maulana Muhammad Mazha and the Oriental College of Delhi. He migrated from India to Pakistan in 1948. In Pakistan he continued his education in different institutions and Colleges including Punjab University in Lahore and Sindh University in Hyderabad. Dr. Masud set excellent standards and is a role model for great achievement worth emulating. He was rewarded with silver and gold medals for his excellence in all examinations of M.A. and M.Ed. at Sindh University. In 1971 he completed his Ph.D. on ‘Urdu Main Qurani Tarajim-o-Tafasir’ from Sindh University, Hyderabad. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan, who guided Dr. Masud in his Ph.D. research work, writes: -
"It is my proud privilege to say that he is one of the top-most Research Scholars of the country." (Hyderabad: Feb 1971)

The Government of Pakistan awarded him the ‘Izaz-I-Fazilat’ award in 1992. He furthermore received awards from Imam Ahmed Raza Research Institute, Karachi in 1991 and from Pakistan Intellectual Forum in 1992. Dr. Masud worked as Lecturer, Professor, and Principal in Govt. Cadre and Additional Secretary (Academic) of Sindh (Pakistan). He acted as paper setter, examiner and member of board of studies at Sindh University, Khairpur University and Punjab University, Lahore. He was a Guide and Director of Ph.D. students at the University of Karachi and the Khairpur University (Sindh). He retired as Principal Govt. Degree College and Post-Graduate Studies Center, Sukkur, Sindh in1992.