Hazrat Abul Hassan Khirqani 

 Published by the Khanqah Qadiria Razvia, Durban, South Africa

It was usual with Hazrat Bayazid (may Allah be pleased with him) to proceed on pilgrimage annually to the tombs of the Martyrs and Saints of Islam. When he would pass through Khirqan, he would pull a deep breath as if he was enjoying the odor of some fragrant flower. When asked by the disciples wherefrom he was drawing the fragrance, he would reply that sometimes later there would be born in that town a great devotee of the Lord, Abul Hassan by name, who would be much higher than him in spiritual attainments.

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After some years Abul Hassan was born and after he had attained the age of 20 it was his daily practice after prayers to visit the tomb of Bayazid. At the tomb he would pray, "O Lord! Confer on me a fraction of the spirituality that you were pleased to confer on Bayazid." After he had pursued this practice for full 12 years, once, as he was returning from the tomb, a Voice was heard issuing from the tomb, which said, "Abul Hassan, all my spirituality is thy gift to me." Abul Hassan replied, "O great Saint, I was born thirty-nine years after you. How could I confer any spirituality on you?" The Voice again issued from the Tomb of Bayazid, " I was held up by an obstacle in my spiritual itinerary when I prayed to the Lord to take me out of it. I heard the Divine Voice say, "Make similar prayer to the Effulgence that shall cover ye when ye visit Khirqan this time." When I reached Khirqan actually I met the Effulgence, which spread from earth to sky. I prayed to it as the Lord directed me, and my difficulty was solved".

When Abul Hasan returned home after this incident he was gifted strangely inasmuch as he could finish the Quran in 24 hours, which he could not even read before that incident. One day Abul Hasan dug the earth in his house at a spot, when silver coins appeared. He covered the place. Again he dug at another spot, when gold came out. He covered the earth again. At a third spot he dug, and diamonds appeared, and he covered the place. He dug at a fourth spot, and jewels came out from that place. He covered it also. Then he prayed to the Lord, "O Lord! Even if I get the wealth of the whole world and of the next world also, I shall not barter it for a vision of Thee.

One day a reputed Saint seated by the side of Abul Hassan displayed a miracle by bringing out a live fish from a tumbler of water, which was placed before Hasan. Hasan placed his hand in the burning oven in front and brought out a live fish. The Saints asked Hasan to jump with him in the fire and then it shall be seen who survives. Hasan replied, "Miracle-mongering will not do. Let us drown ourselves in the ocean of non-existence (nest) and come out cloaked with the garment of divine existence (hast)". The Saint was silent.

Before starting on a journey once some pilgrims approached Abul Hassan and asked him what they were to do if on the way the robbers attacked them. "Remember me on the occasion," said Abul Hassan.