The Sufi Path of Bliss

This information was authored by His Eminence in 1965. His Eminence discards any credit or laurels and proudly says that the outcome of his faith is in his spiritual guide, the Saint of Saints, Hazrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Alle be pleased with him), the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and Almighty Allah. To quote his words of wisdom:


"O brother, bear in mind that at the time of your birth,

everybody was rejoicing while you were lamenting.

Live such a life that when you die everybody weeps

on your departure from this worldly life while you are smiling"

The Path of Bliss should be followed according to Shariat and Tariqat:

"Each passing breath is a jewel of inestimable worth.

Each passing day takes us one step closer to death".


Our Master, Shaikh Sayyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) in his teachings informed us that we should meditate on Allah publicly and privately. Keep Him within your sight in such a way as if you are beholding him, He does certainly see you and he who thinks of Allah from the core of his heart, is indeed a devotee (Zakir) of Allah. The tongue is a servant of and follower of the heart. Listen always to preaching’s (Waiz) because the heart, separated from preaching’s, becomes blind.


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It is absolutely essential to have a spiritual Master (Murshid). Those who depend on their own intellect for guidance in spiritual matters is like an unattended tree growing in the jungle, planted and cared for by nobody, but springing up by itself. Either it will dry up after a short time, or if it survives, it may bear no fruits. "He should know that if he has faith in his Murshid, and if even if the latter were in error, even then, it is better for him than to depend on his own intellect" – these are the words of the great Imam al-Ghazzali (May Allah sanctify his secret) from his invaluable book "Ihya-ul-Uloom". Remember, the one who has no Spiritual Master then his Master is the devil.

Iradat (Faith in ones Spiritual Guide)

Many religious mendicants were sitting in a place when one of them asked his friends:

"Brothers, describe to me what is obedience to ones Spiritual Guide. How can a disciple reach the stage of a true disciple?" 

One of them answered:

"In every matter you must change your own intention, and accept the intentions of your Spiritual Guide." 

The second said:

"You must not think that you will have troubles in following your Spiritual Guide"

The third said: 

"In following the path of your Spiritual Guide, you must be prepared for any sacrifice at any time, and you must not shrink from any order issued by your Guide."

The fourth said: 

You must abide by his desires; and put aside all your wishes, you must not get into misery by doing things he does not like".


Hazrat Abdullah Bin Sahal Tastiree (may Allah be pleased with him) was also present at the gathering; he said:

"The answers are not correct. The truth of Iradat is that you must feel at ease amidst the difficulties of his trial (i.e. the Spiritual Guide’s trial)."